My local group met to start a new campaign last night.

My local group met to start a new campaign last night.

My local group met to start a new campaign last night. I offered a bunch of options of things I was interested in running, and the top two contenders were using the Freebooters rules to run something in the Dolmenwood setting from the Wormskin zine, or using straight Freebooters as written and coming up with our own setting. Straight freebooters won out, so we made characters and did initial setting generation last night.

We ended up with:

Lorne, an evil female human thief with a long beard (? the player hasn’t decided if it’s fake or not yet) who is petulant, arrogant, and antagonistic.

Seaver Silversword, a chaotic male human fighter with a cleft chin and matted hair who is kind but gluttonous.

Besil, a good male dwarf cleric with strange marks and scars who is ambitious and steadfast.

and Arquella, an evil elf magic-user with terrible posture who is egotistical, arrogant and rude.

The party hangs out at a low-class inn called “The Steaming Plate”, but known to the regulars as “The Steaming Pile”, located in the heart of Ransomtown, a ramshackle colonial boomtown in the newly discovered lands 10 weeks sail from the homeland. Ruins left behind by the ancient cat-headed, magical Rakshasa dot the landscape, while ferocious tribes of lizard people are a constant menace, and the feared Winged Wolf carries off livestock and unattended small children. Down to their last few silvers, the party had to decide between the Fire’s Tomb in the Ashen Bluffs, the Spring of the Warrior hidden within Sun Thicket, or braving the Gate of the Shifting Knave and the Misty Teeth to get to an island reported to be full of the treasure of wrecked ships as their first target. They opted to intimidate a local fisherman into taking them over to the Misty Teeth where, under death threats to his family, he is supposed to return in three days to pick them up..

That’s where we left things, which gives me some time to work up the dungeon before next week. As usual, the random and collaborative nature of Freebooters created characters and a setting that we would not have come up with on our own. The place names are so evocative, I’ve already got lots of ideas of what can be found there (I’m going for a central American/Olmec aesthetic for the Rakshasas, so they can expect some step pyramids, giant heads, and jaguar motifs).

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  1. David Perry I had planned to move the setting up to the early modern period (Muskets and rapiers), so I’d add black powder weapons to Freebooters. The setting is set up as a hex crawl, so I’d use the standard Freebooters rules for travel, etc., and if they generated a discovery or danger, just check the hex description first to see if there was any previously established features I could use. There’s a lot of stuff about fungus in Dolmenwood (that sounds weird), so I thought, for low level Freebooters, a simple trip into the forest to collect mushrooms would be a cash generating exercise, and could lead to more adventure.

    Since the group went with straight Freebooters, we won’t be trying it out, but I’d like to give it a shot sometime.

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