13 thoughts on “Do you know of any other games that has a move similar to DW’s Last Breath move?”

  1. Several of the PbtA games have death moves, but each game does them differently. Apocalypse World gives you get-out-of-death options, by letting you choose what it costs you to come back. Monsterhearts 1e let you avoid death by losing control. Grim World has death moves, that activate when you expire. Legacy lets you accomplish one final thing before you expire, based on what your role is, and one of your items becomes a Move-carrying heirloom, that if returned to your family also activates a move.

  2. Last Breath is another move I do slightly differently than written (and have been doing so since I heard Jason Cordova doing it as such on Discern Realities… I’m really singing his praises today).

    As written, The GM will describe the glimpse of what lies beyond the Black Gates of Death’s Kingdom. I let the dying character describe it instead. It offers a much more personal piece of fiction, and can give you more insight into what the character fears/loves/hates/strives for. It can also drive more fiction down the road (whether that character crosses the threshold or not).

  3. The Sprawl has Acquire Agricultural Property.

    And Legacy has this thing where when a character dies, you attach one of your moves to some piece of equipment, calling it a “Relic”. Then when someone returns the character’s Relic to you Family, there’s a Eulogy move.

  4. Brian Holland yeah, I do it that way too. After I let the characters tell me about the other side of the threshold, I always flavor it with having their families beacon to them and entice them to join. I love that the last breath move doesn’t necessarily make death a thing to fear or negative. No one wants their character to go to hell for eternity.

  5. That’s the beauty of letting the player control the character’s fiction… maybe they do want their character to end that way. If I was playing an evil character that may be how I set up his death… getting what he deserved LOL

  6. In my game, The Indie Hack, you basically meet the Three Fates after death and they might decide to return you to life. Depends on your perspective whether it’s AW related.

  7. Slade Stolar I plan on doing an episode discussion various death moves. Would you be willing to talk about how you came up on your 3 fates, your process, and just general thoughts on death moves?

  8. There’s one in a book called No Rest for the Wicked where you can get some chances to kill a foe in exchange for gaining half your health back.

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