20 thoughts on “What’s the most embarrassing moment you experienced playing DW or other RPG’s?”

  1. Yeah. I tried to run a dnd game for a group of HS senior girls to help them complete their graduation requirements for community involvement. I never felt more like a fucking joke. All they did was walk around a gigantic city and shop and flirt and con old men into giving them stuff for free……for 3 hours. By the end, I realized that in reality I was that foolish old man in the story.

  2. I’m lucky enough to play with close friends, and with members of The Gauntlet -so within very safe contexts. I’ve run games with primary aged children before in my creative writing workshops (Fall of Magic mainly), but they went really well.

    I think I would really struggle with playing something like Monster Hearts – with friends or strangers – the whole sexy highschool monster bizarre love triangle would be pretty confronting/embarrassing for me. That said: i’m intending to read the rules soon because I hear it’s beautifully written, and i’m quite happy interacting with the ideas by myself!

    I’m planning run and play games for/with strangers at cons next year – so i might have some more embarrassing stories for you then! Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

  3. A situation that Lu Quade failed to mention in a game he was running…. I was an hour or so late to the session. When I returned our group was discussing what my ranger had been doing in a large pipe by herself while everyone else was off adventuring. The group came to the consensus that she was masturbating.

  4. Just to be clear, I was there for the conversation. Andrew Huffaker it was a bit embarrassing for me. I had to channel my inner 15 yo dude to cope. Also maybe it was a bit to close to home. Lucky I was among lovely friends (who just like to push boundaries, in a nice awkward way).

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