Just a little curious how some others schedule in-person games.

Just a little curious how some others schedule in-person games.

Just a little curious how some others schedule in-person games. Pick a day once a month and stick to it? Twice a month? A different day every time and just scheduling when you feel like it?

For a little while, we were doing once a month, but that feels like a huge amount of time in between sessions (to the point where players sometimes don’t really remember what they were doing). We also tended to bail and play something else if one or more party members couldn’t make it. This style has caused both my groups to fall into remission and it’s been more than a few months since the last game.

How do you guys work around busy schedules? I’m thinking I might reboot a group if people are into it, then continue with the game even if we’re missing someone (of course, checking if that’s cool with everyone first).

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  1. What Yochai Gal said. Also, I’ve got a group of 6 (3 of which are both harder to schedule and unreliable once scheduled), so we’ve just accepted that people occasionally disappear into “continuity holes” and then step out of them.

  2. We started out playing every other week on Friday.

    Then life happens and families grow and move and and and.

    So now its whenever the majority can make it (sometimes minus 2 or 3). This can range from twice a month to once in 6 weeks.

    We email out recaps to keep track of events and keep those that didnt make it in the loop.

    We also know each other well and each of the characters, so the players who don’t make it have their characters played on “autopilot”.

    Our house campaign has been running for over 5 years now!

  3. Regular slot, same time every 2 weeks. Not everyone can make every session, but if they don’t, I cannot be resposible for what happens to their character…. motivation is key 😉

    If enough are not present or if the session is a particularly important part of the story, we’ll play a one shot to fill in, but the session almost always goes on.

  4. To br honest if you know your game is once a month you kind of have to play differently. When my friend group was like that we played basically an episodic game where it was the same characters but different problems each time an made sure those problems were resolved at the end.

    Sure weekly/bi weekly is the best but i feel with a little tweaking you can still get to great game even if its monthly.

    Or have you tried doing it ove the internet? Getting people together face to fac is the struggle because if travel and stuff but playing ove the internet can be easier because you just have to be home.

  5. james day Internet is the only way I play now. Fantasy Grounds got me back into gaming after about 20 years. It became impossible to keep a group going but now I play in 2 groups, each playing every 2 weeks.

  6. We stick to our weekly game, Saturday nights. Over the years however we’ve shortened the length of our game sessions to about 4 hours, but we still like to play weekly.

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