15 thoughts on “I think it’s mostly done. Still open to feedbacks.”

  1. I like it. Would prefer instead of “2 short incurved swords” to instead be a little more open ended, like “2 short blades, describe:” or “2 short blades or 1 unusual and flexible weapon, describe:”

    Maybe have more than one choice for the 1st wardance if possible? (but maybe that’s confusing later for advanced moves because it doesn’t feel like you could choose the other one… unless one of the advanced moves (2+) is “Choose the other starting wardance move”

    Any reason you couldn’t have a bunch of sample “human” names? Doesn’t seem like a class that should be restricted to elf only, even though it evokes some elf tropes like that whole legolas fighting style.

  2. Yeah, I know in Warhammer, there’s both 2-weapons wardancer and 2 handed weapons wardancers.

    I didn’t want to give the Wardancer access to +1 dmg weapons (at least not before a lvl 6-10 move) because in my mind, this class is about fighting a lot of enemies at once. Felt like +1 dmg was a lot when you can hit 2-3 enemies at once.

    I can definately change to 2 short blades though. I felt it was more thematic if they had access to special weapons (not available in the DW book).

    Allowing choice between 2 different wardance style moves at character creation is a good idea. I’ll have to think about an alternate move though. It also mean that the discarded choice can never be taken.

    To me, wardancer is elf only. Mecanically, it doesn’t really matter, but thematically, it’s something deeply attached to the wood elf culture. I see it as a rare art that is deeply safeguarded. No wardancer master would ever want to show this to a non-wood-elf.

  3. See, I was reading this as a generic style character (not something attached to Warhammer or any other franchise or books). For me it evokes martian arts, or style of fighting learned from watching something in the wild or natural forces. I would personally use this and allow the player to choose whatever background seemed interesting.

    I like the idea of a “teacher” of the style which could be very open ended and up to interpretation. This could be “Ulftater the Brave” (a person), or “The unreliable wind”, or “Dura, the goddess of a thousand cuts”. Perhaps this could be built into some moves, or maybe this is just a distraction.

    I like the idea of being able to spend flow after the battle ends. E.g. through meditation or something, where you could spend flow 1:1 to do things like heal 1d4 or maybe give a +1 to Discern Realities. This itself could be an advanced move, or a series of moves.

    Just thinking out loud.

  4. Other possible wardance styles might have to do with intimidation, or maybe fighting in a way that others find distracting, or reducing their effectiveness (-1d4 / -1d6 damage?)

  5. Oh! Maybe the basic wardance is choosing a flag to add to your fighting style:

    + Distracting

    + Intimidating

    + Forceful

    + Entangling

    Similar to weapon tags, these might mostly provide some narrative enhancement at first, but as you tack on these additional benefits, it becomes more mechanical?

  6. How ’bout this?

    Rain of Thorns

    Wardance style

    When you lunge weapon first, spend Flow to add that amount Piercing tag to your attack.

    EDIT: wording seems wacky. Anyone can reword this better?

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