Actual Play Feedback Please. =)

Actual Play Feedback Please. =)

Actual Play Feedback Please. =)

Just started 2 weekly groups with Dungeon World. Click the link to see an abridged version of our Actual Play, complete with my GM moves and justifications for them. Anyone with the link can comment, so please do, if you have something constructive to add…particularly when it comes to GM moves and Fronts.

I apologize for some of the formatting….It’s kinda just a brain dump for the time being. Also, I didn’t ask specific questions in the doc, but that’s something for the future entries.

Thanks for any thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Actual Play Feedback Please. =)”

  1. There is a spanish book named Hexplora! In wich the writer Jordi Morera explained how to manage two groups in the same region with Dungeon World. Hope it helps the tip. By the way i am going to read your notes ‘D

  2. Great read! I think most of what you did was excellent. Jeremy Strandberg ‘s comments were also very spot on and this was both entertaining and enlightening to read as a fellow GM 🙂

    My only comment would be that I wasn’t a big fan of where the monster randomly pops out from a hidden door/defense mechanism. Why was it waiting on them there? What (in the fiction) triggered it coming in? If it was a mechanism of some sort, what was it defending in this specific room?) There might have been more to it that wasn’t in the summary though.

    The scene with the glass however was totally epic! I could see it happening in my mind as I read it. Could have been a major fight scene in a great action movie.

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