7 thoughts on “Hi, I wonder if there’s a move that let’s you add your STR to the damage?”

  1. I haven’t seen one, but even in the core playbooks there are multiple examples of adding another die to your damage (Merciless, Bloodthirsty, Arcane Art and its upgrades, Backstab, etc.). So it’s not a crazy idea, but as a player I’d go for the extra die options instead if I wanted to increase my damage. More dice is fun, you don’t have to worry about debilities, and even a d4 gives you more potential damage than the highest possible STR score.

    Bonus stats math: until at least level 3 (i.e., the earliest point at which you could have STR +3), you have at least a 75% chance to do as good or better with Merciless’s d4 (i.e., you’ll roll 2+ 75% of the time on a d4, and at best you’ll have a +2 to STR until level 3). Even once you hit +3 STR, a measly d4 still has a 50% chance to meet or exceed it. With bigger dice the numbers get even more lopsided, and again those dice don’t care about the Weak debility.

    So, not super potent compared to its peers. If anything, it’s underpowered.

    (Math porn aside, +numbers moves bore the hell out of me so I probably wouldn’t blow an advance on either one, but that’s a separate discussion).

  2. Spitballing:

    When you setup a combination attack with an ally, roll the appropriate stat. On a 10+, they gain +1 Forward to their next attack and bonus damage equal to your STR if it hits. On a 7-9, they gain +1 Forward to their next attack.

  3. The thing that makes it extra potent, imo, is the reliability. “Always +2” (layered on to, say, a sword with standard +1 damage) is always always going to kill a 3hp horde monster with 1 armor. At STR +3, that’s gonna cut down one with a shield, too.

    It’s not, like, broken good. It just makes the damage roll a lot more reliable. Which you might see as a feature.

  4. Jeremy Strandberg to add mire context. This would be replacing a fighter signature weapon. I’m making a Warrior closer to the 5e fighter. With fighting styles. One of the styles would be Great Weapon fighting… so when using a two-handed weapon, add your STR to your damage.

  5. Hmm. Is Merciless still an advanced move? Cuz d10+d4+4 is pretty hoo-daddy potent. Like, drop a solitary foe with 1 armor on one average hit, good.

    I like the idea, btw. Seems like a good fit for a big honking fighter. Just a little worried about the consequences combined with other stuff.

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