13 thoughts on “Some advice to play Dungeon World with one player or two players GMless?”

  1. I’ve not played Dungeon World GMless, but there are some tools like the Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator (CRGE) by Conjecture Games. There’s an NPC tool by the same company as well.

    You might want to check out the Lone Wolf Roleplaying community, as they’re all about this sort of thing.

  2. You might want to look at some other games – there is a D&D companion that replaces the DM. You could also checkout other story games: Questlandia, Follow, Microscope, Intrepid, etc.

  3. Playing GM-less is pretty easy if you think of it as “GM-ful” instead. It’s not that there’s no GM, it’s that everyone is a GM and has say in what happens.

    Any table of strong players works this way anyway. Thognor the Barbarian fails his roll to slam the door shut to keep the skeleton out, and the Rogue’s player says “oh shit, the skeletons hand is gonna snake around the door at the last minute” and the GM says “yeah, awesome!”.

    All you need is a way to break ties or handle conflict – something simple like the player to the left of the acting character has the final say.

  4. Haven’t done Dungeon World, but I did some solo play with Freebooters on the Frontier. If you look at it less as a standard D&D style game and more like short fiction, the GM Moves come naturally.

    Don’t really need a GM emulator once you start making moves. The dice results will just take you where you need to go next. If it’s a dungeon romp, Perilous Wilds can randomly generate that for you, then start making more moves.

    For example, the GM-less character(s) come up to a door. Is it locked? Maybe. Have the Thief roll: 10+, yep and it’s now unlocked. 7-9, yep, but pick a soft move. 6-, yep, and now the tumblers are stuck. Or, assume it’s not locked and go in as normal.

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