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  1. Uh. Well, what’s it do other than float and look creepy? 😛

    There isn’t really much “statting” to do in Dungeon World, and the game has explicit instructions on how to do it. You just need to make decisions about what your monster DOES.

  2. Sphere of Eyes (Tiny, Magical, Construct)

    Gaze turns target to stone 3 HP

    Hand, Far

    Special Qualities: Arcane Construct, Petrification, Flight

    A rare magical alchemist’s construct created from the eyeballs of petrifying creatures (Medusa, cockatrice, etc.)the Sphere of Eyes guards its maker’s treasure unceasingly as long as it exists. While its creator is immune from the sphere’s gaze the Sphere itself may be turned to stone by its own reflected image. The Sphere of Eyes is immune to fear, charm and sleep sleeps as it is a purely magical construct without personality. A victim’s statue coated with goo from the Sphere’s eyes will return to flesh.

    Instinct: Guards

  3. It is a colony of barnacle-like air breathing creatures, linked with a sort of hive mind.

    The central interior houses vital organs and a number of “air bladders” which are used for movement and to “hover” by propelling air in and out of vents. (Manipulated by muscles at the base of each member creature)

    Each creature can extend it’s filament-like “cirri” that secrete a paralysing substance to disable it’s victim, then an acidic secretion to aid digestion. It will settle on the victim and “roll” about to distribute food to each member of the colony.

    Each creature has a sensory organ which allows 360° awareness and colony members rest in shifts, so it is always active to some degree.

  4. I gave this gif some scaled wings in my Dungeon World campaign, it’s a greedy-yet-lazy demon who hires pirates to retrieve the objects of its avaricious ambitions.

  5. Oops! I didn’t realize they were eyes, looking at the original pic on my phone!

    That gif is creepy!

    I think I’m … being … mes … mer … eyesed …

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