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I am working on this encounter checklist for an upcoming game where I am running +Ray Otus ‘ #Kazarak from his #Plundergrounds zine.

Just based on the titles, do you think these encounters come up on the right rolls in a 2d6 distribution?


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Filling out the Encounters in the Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist

I finished out the list of encounters in my check list and now I am putting in the details, monster stat blocks and custom moves as necessary.

Here’s my current list and the rolls that will evoke them:

2 ▶ Gelatinous Cube Street Cleaner

3 ▶ Cargo Hauler Coaster

4 ▶ Sinkhole!

5 ▶ Rust Monster Stampede

6 ▶ Star Bears to the Rescue

7 ▶ Tidal Wave of Mice

8 ▶ Derro Deserters

9 ▶ Constructs Run Amok

10 ▶ Spectral Funeral Procession

11 ▶ Web of Woe

12 ▶ Waterfall of Treasure

I’m not sure they are in the right place (occur on the right random roll, given a 2d6 distribution). I welcome any suggestions.

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  1. Mark Tygart This is the intro paragraph that explains how this table modifies the Hillar and Eyrok Demon battle move from Ray Otus’ #Plundergrounds #2..

    Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist

    As the Hillar and the Eyok demon battle rages on, replace the On a 6- result with the following. On 6- the titan takes d6 damage and loses 2 sacrifice. Roll 2d6 on the Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist. When the encounter is resolved or escaped, check it off the list. If a subsequent roll hits a previously resolved encounter, consult the dice. If the dice are equal, nothing additional happens. If dice are not equal and their sum is odd, choose the previous unresolved encounter in the list. If the dice are not equal and their sum is even choose the next unresolved encounter in the list. Wrap around if at either end of the list. For every three encounters that the characters resolve or escape before Kazarak falls, treat it as an On a 10+ result on the As Hillar and the Eyok demon battle move.

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