Looking for one more player for an ongoing play by post game of Dungeon World.

Looking for one more player for an ongoing play by post game of Dungeon World.

Looking for one more player for an ongoing play by post game of Dungeon World. The current playbooks taken are the Ranger, Fighter, Cleric and Slayer. Post a brief character biography as an example of your writing ability of you’re interested.

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  1. Joshua Faller​​

    I’m the GM and I typically post twice a week. Sometimes more or less depending on my schedule. The setting is essentially a post apocalyptic magical region where Fey once thrived, that’s now controlled by cultists and criminals.

  2. Huh, interesting. I have a lot of experience as a DW player and GM. I would really prefer to let a character’s history come out in play (especially in an ongoing homebrew world), but I could be interested in checking out what y’all have going on.

  3. I’m new to pbp but if you’re looking for another, I’d love to learn.

    When the Order of Talath Mar fell, the wizards that kept its watch were forced to flee. Reclusive, distrustful, and fearful for his life, Ives has spent the past age in hiding. But when he returned home to find his home ransacked, he knew he could no longer hide from his past.

  4. Just saw the above, please disregard. Bard playbook, a scavenger and tomb robber shot with an unsettling amount of fey blood, living meal to meal in the ruins through a combination of flexible morals, dangerous old fairie reels, and sheer moxie.

  5. James Etheridge

    Just clarifying that the Feybarrens is a region in the world and not the entire setting. We’re rotating GM’s and the region we’re playing in after each major arc in the campaign as well so if you have experience GMing that’s a plus. This is part of my first post in IC and will give a better idea of where we’re currently playing.

    You were tasked by Luna, the elven headmistress of the Yuxionic College of Exceptional Minds to recover their student Vito and a tome of Torrentus that he had disappeared along with. He was seen headed towards the Feybarrens, an area which was once world renowned for its striking beauty. Years ago, it was lush, green valleys with towering, verdant forests, populated with all manner of Fey and wildlife. Then came a crazed wizard and a shear of bright, white light followed a series of loud concussions. Now each day is greyer than the one before. It’s cold and growing colder as this ecosystem slowly dies. Few animals could survive and the plants are long gone. Soon all the gnarled trees will fall. Within a year of the wizards attack, there were raging fires on the ridges and deranged chanting. The paths are peopled by refugees pushing carts, scrounging for food, bandits carrying weapons, looking for easy prey, vengeful Fey waiting in ambush, ready to trick unwary travelers to their misfortune or death, cultists attempting to fulfill ancient prophecies and all manner of outsiders seeking shelter outside the rule of kingdoms.

    A lot has happened since we began but I’ll try to summarize what’s most relevant. There’s a crazed cult of Demon worshippers attempting to resurrect their God, Salokir. There’s an ancient Nymph and Queen of the Fey, Moria who is seeking the heart of planar being to restore the Feybarrens to their former beauty. There are two rivals causing destruction around the region as they attempt to destroy each other, who ride Slephnir, which are magical, eight legged horses that only choose powerful beings to be their riders. The town the PC’s are now in, Hangman’s Gulch, is currently burning down while the majority of the party fights a Wraith that one of the players, Knight Carillon had a battle with in his youth.

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