I’m signed up to run Freebooters 2e for Gauntlet Con, but want to test out my idea for a one-shot first.

I’m signed up to run Freebooters 2e for Gauntlet Con, but want to test out my idea for a one-shot first.

I’m signed up to run Freebooters 2e for Gauntlet Con, but want to test out my idea for a one-shot first.

Anyone interested in helping me do this over a 4-hour Hangouts game? I’m aiming for 3-4 players, and right now I’m looking at Wednesday, August 30, 7pm-11pm EST.

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  1. If you still need folks, I could make it. I haven’t done any hangout gaming, so I’ll be new to that, but I’ve played plenty of Freebooters 🙂

  2. Awesome! Jeremy Strandberg, Horst Wurst, and John Marron, if you have time before the session, please take a few minutes to roll up a character and fill in a playbook. It’ll save us a ton of time in the session.

    Follow the directions in the “FotF2e_Character & Moves” PDF at the link below.

    Whenever it says “choose or roll,” just roll — your characters should be pretty much totally random. It should go without saying, but absolutely no re-rolling! You get what you get.

    Once you figure out your class, print out the appropriate playbook (also in the linked folder) and fill it in as you go through the steps.

    When you get to step 14 (“Go Shopping”), add an additional Luck x10 silver pieces to your purse before you buy stuff. Buy gear knowing that you’ll be taking an expedition into the wilderness. Don’t give yourself a name yet — we’ll be generating culturally-specific names in-session.

    Finally, make the Level Up move once (page 16 of the PDF), so you’ll all be level 2 at the start of the game, and mark XP until you’re just 3 XP shy of hitting level 3.

    My goal is to run a 4-hour session fueled by structured emergent play, hopefully ending with some sense of closure.

    Feel free to share your character here, but it’s not required. We’ll be making introductions first session.

    Looking forward to it!

    dropbox.com – Playtesting

  3. John Marron, I do not! As currently written, that’s one of the few things players get to choose. If you want to do it randomly, maybe use the Aspect table on p50 of The Perilous Wilds?

  4. Jeremy Strandberg, I’m gonna say 20sp, Capacity 8 on that donkey. Note that you will need saddlebags (7sp, wt 1) and/or rope in order to pack things onto it.

  5. I have a chaotic elven thief lady with small hands and long fingers.oO Don´t know if I should spend the silver to get her poor clothes or stick with the rags destiny has given her.

  6. Heh. I’ve also got a chaotic elf thief. Mine’s male, with a broken nose, scraggly hair, and scars.

    Oh, also: creative, disrespectful, and alcoholic.

    I think he’s played by Hugh Laurie

  7. I have a Lawful Dwarf Cleric, rosy cheeked with a shaved head who worships the Smith of the gods whose holy hammer beats out the impurities of the world and whose tenet is “Apply the Law equally to All”, which makes his followers somewhat merciless. He carries a bundle of furs that he’s looking to sell.

  8. Jason Lutes I want to take a 1 handed hammer that’s blunt (so not a Warhammer). Can I treat that as a mace (12 sp, 1d6, 1 WT, close, forceful, stun)?

  9. Moody and Stubborn but somehow Charitable? …and I got a Pickled Monster Part! (I’m hoping I get to specify what that is in the moment that it might be useful?)

    Did anyone pick up transport beyond Jeremy’s donkey?

    Also wondering what to name my Book…

  10. I’m completely weighed down and spent all my money, so I’ll have to see what kind of deal I can work out with Jeremy to put stuff on the Donkey. I think healing for Donkey space is a reasonable exchange…

  11. David Perry, porters will carry your stuff and wait around outside the dungeon, maybe abandon you if you take too long. We could roll Recruit in-game to figure out if you find some porters who are brave though…

  12. Great game! Thanks to Jason Lutes for running and to my fellow players Jeremy Strandberg, Horst Wurst, and David Perry for making it extra fun (even though one of you cut my hand off…)

  13. Great game indeed and well worth staying up all night. Coming from a more traditional gaming background I’m always amazed about the ability of GMs to bring a purely improvised 4-5 hour session to a satisfying conclusion. Thanks Jason Lutes and fellow Freebooters!

  14. And thanks for giving me a hand John Marron, even if I was compelled to return it by the light of Adon (definitely not because of unpredictability of our companions…)

  15. Jason Lutes will the session be uploaded to Youtube? First time a session I was in has been recorded, and it will be interesting to actually be able to pay attention to stuff that happened while I was juggling inventory, and cringe at my voice/accent…

  16. Thanks, y’all! That really was a lot of fun, and you’re a great group to play with. Sorry* I put a knife to your character’s throat, David.

    *not actually sorry at all (I am sorry you lost your pickles)

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