3 thoughts on “My Wizard Hack:”

  1. I like it.

    One thing about the DW wizard that the rules were silent about was whether wizards could copy new spells into their spellbooks, say from ancient tomes or other spellbooks. For the original Dungon World Wizard who had to memorise a subset of their spells each day, it would be a fairly innocuous change. In your version, it would be a more significant decision, since they have access to their entire book as long as they have mana.

    (The whole “wizard collecting and swapping baseball cards” element of D&D wizards was a pretty big part of my early experience of D&D, where Basic D&D wizards start with just one spell in their book.)

    One quibble: I presume that your “Greater Empowered Magic” master move should have “replaces: Empowered Magic”?

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