15 thoughts on “New Dungeon World Adventure Starter: Port Flotsam”

  1. On a more serious note, this is very cool. I like the Alchemical Ooze and the Dagonite priest! Mark Tygart does a great job of engaging the senses with the “Impressions” he creates. Stuff like the taste of bad grog really add to the atmosphere! I try to emulate this.

  2. Gerard Snow I’ll need to read that. I’ve always wanted to do a “Last Unicorn” inspired zoo ( a niece favorite). “Creatures of Night, Brought to Light!”

  3. Are there any plans for you and Lampblack and Brimstone to release more of the premium dungeon starters on DriveThru? I really love that product. Feel like this is a perfect candidate.

  4. Interesting…

    Jesse Ross, this might be something we could collaborate on in the future. Sword Breaker Press presents: Disarming Dungeon Starters! All three of us could contribute a few.

  5. With the help of Jesse Ross, that quality is about to improve tenfold!

    I like the idea of a unifying theme of some sort. I have a tendency to think four projects ahead though. I should wait to see what he says.

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