Question for y’all

Question for y’all

Question for y’all

The Wizard and Cleric’s “Cast Spell” move has no description of what happens on a hard fail – theres 10+ and 7-9 effects but nothing on 6-

(not that i’m asking because in the space of last nights game, my son managed to roll a 5 – including +2 Int and +1 spent Hold – He was casting Light on a stone to throw down a dark tunnel)

I had a combination of all three choices – he “lost” the spell, took the strain and the spell just went haywire, like a flashbang, blinding the whole party for a few moments.

(unfortunately they were in a mine that had been cleared as there were vilstrak in it, kidnapping miners. and their Hired NPC guide got nabbed whilst they were blinded. fun times!)

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  1. On a 6-, the GM gets to make a hard move. So just about anything bad can happen, even above and beyond the listed 7-9 bad options. The light reveals that the tunnel is chock-full of bugbears, or it’s actually the mouth of a purple worm, or maybe the enemy god notices the divine flicker in their hallowed territory.

  2. What Craig Judd said, but with one caveat: On a 6-, the GM makes a move. It’s not defined if it’s a hard or soft move. That is at your discretion as long as you continue to meet the GM principles and agenda.

    On pretty much any 6- roll in the game you make any move you would like as long as it meets the GM principles and agenda. There is a list of GM moves in the rule book. A few player moves define the 6- result, which overrides this, but generally, following the resolution of the defined 6- result the players will “look to you to find out what happens” at which time you also make a GM move as well.

    Hope it helps! Sounds like you’re having a great time with the the game.

  3. Just for clarity – rolling a 6- does not necessarily mean that the original action fails, or even suffers any of the consequences of a 7-9. The GM can totally say “you cast your spell just fine, but…” (GM move).

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