14 thoughts on “I will be interviewing Jason Lutes​ on Wednesday. Post any questions you want me to ask.”

  1. Loved your comics. Any chance (ANY!) you could do some mix of comic/story and DW? Don’t mean a “DW Comic” that wouldn’t make much sense, Im’ thinking something more “meta” that, thru comics, sets up a Dungeon Starter or whatnot.

    (crazy question, I know, but if there’s a guy who can pull it off, Jason certainly is our man)

  2. Andrew Huffaker​ I did a piece for his perilous almanacs and only afterward found out he does a revenue sharing thing. Very generous of him.. he has a philosophy about it.

  3. Jason seems to have his roots in traditional pen and paper gaming. Dungeon crawls, adventuring, etc. What new horizons of gaming have his attention?

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