Hi! I’m making a GM’s screen for fun and thought I’d show this work in progress. I’m really into the idea of little icons for each of the DM moves, even if I’m not 100% happy with this current selection. (They’re mostly from www.autodraw.com right now.)

I’ve only run a single oneshot of dungeon world so I’m not sure what would be most useful to include on a shield. Tips and suggestions are welcome!


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  1. I love this! The icons are really cool (I can think of suggestions for icons I’d prefer, but honestly the ones you’ve got are fine) and the tag table seems really useful!

    Things that would also be useful: the quick monster creation rules and the treasure table (Perilous Wilds has a very good version of both of these if you want inspiration.) Info for Fronts would also be good (types of Dangers, Danger moves).

    One other suggestion: I really like the way you’ve displayed the Basic Moves, but I think the triggers for them should be more prominent and include the “When you …” portion. Otherwise it might be easy to ignore the triggers and that would really screw up how DW works.

  2. Aaron Sturgill That’d be cool! There are definitely some errors and things to improve in this version, so it shouldn’t actually be used yet, but otherwise yeah, go for it.

  3. Thomas Berton Thanks! Yeah, I was debating about adding generation stuff, like treasure, NPCs, etc. The 100 Instincts and Knacks is a panel by itself, but I can see treasure fitting in there.

    I’m curious about the inclusion of fronts stuff though — isn’t that mostly done away from the table?

  4. Thomas Berton in “front”, heh. ;D

    I’d be down to hear your icon suggestions! “Give an opportunity” and “Show a downside” are ones I feel like there could be something better for. Ideally it’s something that isn’t an example so much as it is a cheeky representation of the idea.

  5. ✨ Update! ✨

    • Took a crack at the treasure generation table.

    • Tweaked equipment tags table.

    • Tweaked GM move icons.

    • Added a whole panel for front dangers — their instincts and moves.

    • Made trigger text on basic moves easier to read.

    • Removed list of Special moves (I’m not sure how useful just a list of move names is.)

    There’s still a gap on the first panel. I keep thinking there’s another “important core concepts to keep in mind” sort of thing that’s supposed to go there. 🤔

    drive.google.com – Dungeon World Shield wip2.pdf – Google Drive

  6. 💕 Another Update! 💕

    Various adjustments, including grouping all player reference stuff on one panel (basic moves, special moves, equipment tags — could be used separately as a player reference), some background images (labelled for non-commercial reuse with modification). I wouldn’t mind the images being a little more… dungeony, instead of dreamy pastoral fantasy landscapes. For the final product I imagine I’ll provide a background-free version as well.

    I think maybe including some NPC name idea on the Generation panel would be good. There’s a gap on the player reference panel… not sure what to put there. I looked into the hireling rules but I’m not sure how to summarize them in a useful way.

    drive.google.com – dw shield v3.pdf – Google Drive

  7. While the artwork is cool in the background, I’m just thinking of the ink that it’ll use up when printing to actually use. Be nice to have a printer friendly version too. Other than that, awesome stuff

  8. Paul Sheppard Yeah absolutely. I might use the background version if I get it done at a printhouse, but for version 1.0 I’ll include background-free versions as well. 👍

  9. Jeremy Strandberg I’m thinking about making a few panels that people can mix and match. So far I’ve got:

    • GM rules/moves

    • Player reference

    • Random generation (Treasure and NPCs)

    • Front Dangers

    … so I could totally reformat your content in the same style and add an extra panel as an option!

  10. Matt Horam That’d be amazing. Maybe this is worth another thread, but do people do that? Every now and again let a d12 decide which GM move to make?

    But yeah, nailing down the icons… even if the specific art and stylization evolves, I’d like to arrive at good symbols for each one. I’d be happy to hear suggestions!

    Ones I’m not completely sold on:

    • “Tell requirements or consequences and ask.” In spirit, you’re openly laying out the facts and offering a choice, often “take it or leave it”, or “here’s the cost”. So maybe like… an unsigned contract with a pen? Or a stylized pricetag?

    “Give an opportunity that fits a class’ abilities” A lock represents an example of this, but I don’t want to look at this symbol and always think “let’s add something for the thief”. A little collection of items (wizard hat, helm, padlock) could be ok, but it might be too busy. The monster/danger/location move icon is busy, but it’s literally for three different types of move.

    “Show a downside to their class, race, or equipment” This is (in part) of the opposite of “give an opportunity”, and suffers from the same icon problems. How to generalize this without just showing an example? Hmmm.

  11. Alright, I turned it into a real physical thing and I’m pretty happy with it!

    As a fairly new GM I’ll probably be sticking to the monster in the book for now, but I’m working on your monster panel, +Matt Horam. 🙂

    Here are a few photos, including my old homemade AD&D screen. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B65AH3O81afYcjhOLUlwemlROVk

    I’m looking forward to playing!


  12. Andrew Shouldice​ looks great! I think Jeremy Strandberg​​ was your Monster reminder. To belatedly answer your question about random moves, I think it should be something to fall back on when [a] imaginations fails or [b] the logical move which follows starts to be the same move almost every time.

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