11 thoughts on “On all of Marshal Miller’s Dungeon Starters, it says “Fill out your worksheets”.”

  1. It was likely lifted direct from an early playtest version of the rules. I don’t remember, do GMs still fill out a first session sheet? Dungeon Starters shouldn’t replace first session procedures and shouldn’t replace fronts, so yeah, fill out whatever sheets the rules require.

  2. To the archives!

    I just CTRL+F’d through the older versions of DW I have (the old DW Hacks, the Red Book version, the pre-release, and the final PDF).

    The only reference I can find to “works sheets” is in the prerelease PDF, in the First Session chapter:


    Before the first session, you’ll need to print some stuff. Print off:

    • A few copies of the basic moves and special moves (double sided, basic on one side and special on the other). You’ll want about one per player.

    • One copy of each class sheet, double sided.

    • One copy each of the cleric and wizard spell sheets, double sided.

    • A few copies of the equipment sheet.

    • The GM moves.

    •The GM worksheets.

    You’ll also need to read this whole book, especially the sections on GMing (GM moves) and the basic moves.

    …and nothing else. So, I can only assume they were referencing the front sheets in that “Prep” section.

    In Apocalypse World, there’s a GM Fronts sheet that gets partially filled out during/after the first session, and then becomes a living document in play. I certainly don’t recall any formal instructions to do that sort thing in DW, though.

  3. Yeah, that language is in both the prerelease and Red Book. In the Red Book, look under Prep on the first page of chapter 14. The last bullet point is for “GM worksheets.” At that point the rules were still changing quite a bit (I recall that there were both prerelease and Red Book rules at that point) and I listed what was in those bulleted lists.

  4. Jeremy Strandberg Are the old Versions of DW available somewhere on the net. I am interested in old versions of the common player rules.

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