Dungeon World Session Prep: How I do it with less confusion

Dungeon World Session Prep: How I do it with less confusion

Dungeon World Session Prep: How I do it with less confusion

I did not get how to set up Fronts in Dungeon World for a long time. I can’t remember when or how it clicked, but I wanted to write up what I’m doing differently now:



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  1. Deep Six Delver, thanks for the post! I always enjoy seeing how other GM’s do their thing!

    With regards to Monster Stats, I always like to have a list of monsters relevant to the adventure, along with their stats. Not only does it help me easily run them if they show up, but I never have a “suddenly orcs appear” moment when I’m stuck. My list ends up looking like a random encounter table with both combat and non-combat encounters that are relevant to the setting that I can pick from when I get to make a move, but are not always tied to the front exclusively (setting in motion).

    With regards to “The last bit of prep was a note to give the characters XP if they seize command of a vessel; and if they sink an enemy vessel—in addition to the normal XP rewards.” Do you dole that “command” and “sink” XP out as it happens, or do you add more questions at End of Session?

    If the former, that’s an interesting idea to reward the players during play: “You always Mark XP when you fail, but sometimes you Mark XP when you do an awesome thing.”

    If the latter, do you tell the players that you’ve done so (and then they’re on the lookout for it) or keep it a secret?

  2. My plan was to give them the bonus XP at the End of Session. And I wanted them to know it, so I mentioned it before things got started.

    They didn’t directly do those things this time, and by End of Session I didn’t remember to ask. But one of the ships did sink as a consequence of their actions, so I planned to give them XP for it when we meet up next time.

  3. Like you, I do prefer to have relevant monster stats handy, but it’s not a must-have for me. I can’t remember pulling a “suddenly orcs appear”, because I’ve always found the monster questionnaire pretty fast and easy to use.

    I don’t know the link, but I printed out something I found here that lays out the monster generator in 3 columns: #1 for HP and Armor; #2 for attacks, attack tags, and damage; and #3 for other tags, moves, and special qualities. I use that a lot.

    And even though I don’t use many stock monsters, I’m happy to repurpose stock monster stats any time. 😉

  4. I have changed the EoS questions before but never added to them. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that!

    I use monsters from tons of sources and translate them for DW. I just don’t like to do so on the fly. I’ll usually only use the stock stats as guidelines.

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