6 thoughts on “Any new Kickstarter projects coming up?”

  1. I plan to launch my “Song of Siren” Dungeon World adventure supplement some time in September. Which provides a Open setting Campaign, that plays to dungeon worlds strong suits and provides plenty of questions for players to add to the world, as well as 4 new classes (Fishermen, Revised Fighter, etc). 8 new compendium classes related to events that could possibly take place. All classes (Standard Dungeon World, and Song of Siren) will have the option to play any race. Added new Race “Merfolk”. Custom and Standard Playbook looks as well as underwater mounts and much more.

    I am conflicting on the funding goal due to Dungeon World not being as large a community. So might set it low, since I am unsure just how many will get behind the adventure.

    Durable Soft Covers and standard PDFs. Might do Kickstarter exclusive hardcovers if the stretch goal is reached. (Link to Kick will be active towards end of august).


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