Unless Inglorius has snuck out without me seeing (??).

Unless Inglorius has snuck out without me seeing (??).

Unless Inglorius has snuck out without me seeing (??)… suggestions for running a war in Dungeon World? My campaign is rolling towards its epic conclusion, and it will be war! Thx

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  1. paging +Josh C (don’t know why it’s not tagging him properly…) anyway, he’s done a lot of writing on his blog about this, some thoughts being revised, so pay attention to the dates. steelsmiter.blogspot.com – steelsmiter’s gaming blog . Also, searching this community turned up a useful comment from Yochai Gal “Have you read the Last Days of Anglekite? They have moves in there for large-scale armies and such.”

  2. I have a piece going in the next Plundergrounds. It imagines war from the viewpoint of a single unit. It uses two lists of portents/dooms, one keyed to each “side” in a big battle. Events are things like reinforcements charging down from a ridge (e.g. the Riders of Rohan). The idea is each portent is a vignette/mini-scene. If players to well, you read the next portent on their side. If they do poorly, you take one from the enemy list. Whichever doom comes first is who won the war.

  3. Sherman S what role are you thinking the PCs will play in the war? In other words, from what point of view do you want to resolve things? That’ll pretty heavily influence what rule set you want to use.

    If you’re thinking they’ll be more like generals overseeing the battle, you could pretty easily port the Follower rules from Perilous Wilds to represent their units in the field. Stat up each unit as a separate follower, with its own Quality, Loyalty (aka Morale), HP, damage, tags, moves, instinct, and (if you think it’ll matter) cost. Stat up the enemy units as monsters, on the same scale.

    You’d probably want to tweak the list of tags, maybe add some for unit size.

    But the core moves (Do Their Thing, Order Followers, even Recruit) should work well to handle battlefield maneuvers and engagements.

  4. Jeremy Strandberg I think they will be battlefield generals who have to become involved in their own skirmishes. Particularly the final battle with the big bad. But, as it is Dungeon World, I’ll present the situation and see where they take it…

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