6 thoughts on “Critique my new playbook, The Binder!”

  1. Hi. I just had a quick read through this – I really like it. The example seals, boons and influences are evocative. What were your inspirations for creating it?

    The following are more comments on what i’d like to see included with new playbooks in general. One thing that always inspires me to read and/or play with new playbooks is a small amount of introductory text: kinda like the original playbooks have in the book. Some art would be cool too. I also would like to see some little actual play text based on using the starting moves. ~ Lu

  2. Originally I planned on recreating the Wizard as a Ritualist. Then I had an image of a priest scrawling runes on the ground, or an assassin, pressed up against a wall, trying to stay out of site by binding Darkness itself to him.

    It sort of built from there! I am actually planning on writing an intro, and some AP!

    Then I got distracted with another playbook I created: a Wizard alternative that is in no way revolutionary or interesting, but I still think is easier than the default. I’ll link to it here. It came out of need, rather than creative interest.

    docs.google.com – The Wizard: Master of Mana and Arcana

  3. Cool. Yeah, The Binder definitely seems like you would be able to create heaps of very different types of characters – but it doesn’t seem as crazily wide open as The Mage playbook.

    I think The Binder would also work quite well as a compendium class – even just having the one seal to begin with could be a great way for a non magic user (fighter, thief, etc) to develop more diverse skills.

    I’ll try give it a little go and let you know how it plays!

  4. Yeah, I liked the open-endedness of the mage, but hated GMing for it. The players were just TOO overpowered!

    For the Binder, I like that you can describe your powers, but only a few of them, and even then they come at a COST. That said, I have yet to test it yet (one of my players says they’re willing, though).

    The way you could play it probably falls into three camps:

    1) A peaceful, alien-like mediator

    2) A powerful, single-minded killer

    3) A power-hungry (Sylar-like, if you’ve seen Heroes) character that seeks magical artifacts and steals their powers

    A compendium class is a GREAT idea, I might create one for this. Long-term, I’d like to release a packet of sorts explaining the playbook, the moves, etc – I just haven’t had time or focus. Let me know how it goes! I’m definitely keen on fixing/changing things based on feedback.

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