The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed…

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed…

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed…

I’ve been thinking how easy it would be to play a Stephen King inspired Dark Tower game in Dungeon World, now that the new film release approaches and looks promising. The casting at any rate seems excellent and making the film a sequel/reboot opens up a lot of space. The playbook I downloaded from the web long ago and with that and the Dungeon World rule book it could be enough to get you started…

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  1. I actually think it’s really good. Just a few notes:

    The racial move only fires when you ride into the sunset. Unfortunately, that’s not something the player necessarily has control over if the party is centered on a single community. Try to make it triggerable by the player.

    Consider making the damage die a d6, and bump it up to D8 when using firearms as opposed to D8 bumped down to D6 when not using firearms. Feels like a reward, that way, instead of a punishment.

    Consider swapping out the leather armour move for the shooting in the air move at level 1. One gives you an interesting social power, the other is a nice buff. I’d rather be able to get +1 armour later and have the social power now.

    It’s not clear whether Draw stacks from fight to fight – I’m assuming it doesn’t.

  2. I completely agree with Michael about the move swap and changing the class damage.

    For the first half of Gunsmith I would make it “You start with one firearm that you made ” and then maybe scale back the tags on the firearms a bit. Drop the pistol and rifle to just +1 piercing (no +damage), and make the blunderbuss +1 damage & messy (not forceful). Later you could put in a move about smithing bullets that make shots forceful.

    The second half of Gunsmith doesn’t fit with the move IMO, and should be separated out. The part about rolling snake eyes (typo says shake eyes), should be a tag added to guns, unreliable or something. Put the part about the damage die changing with guns as a separate move (e.g. “Sharpshooter” or “Crack Shot”). The part about using your gun in melee could be an advanced move (e.g. “Stock Slam” or “Pistol Whip”), although I don’t see why rifles should be left out, and I don’t see how rolling with DEX makes sense. IMO, it is enough to say that you can use a gun in that way effectively since it isn’t meant for that kind of use.

    Rubbernecking should drop the word “ongoing.” “Take +1” is sufficient.

    Quick Draw doesn’t make sense to me. The trigger and what you spend your draw on don’t go together. The deeds feel like advanced moves that got cobbled together. Also the move name sounds like it would go better with the text of Han Shot First. Although I think the trigger could be more like, “When you draw your gun and fire before anyone has a chance to react.”

    Make My Day-move name doesn’t fit the text, IMO. Would make more sense if the move was about taunting someone into a fight.

    Knife To A Gun Fight–I would drop this and the advanced version. I don’t think the fictional reasoning is strong, and I think having 2 armor from taking the leather move is enough (on par with a Ranger).

    One Last Shot–I love the idea here, really thematic.

    Upgrade/Second Upgrade–I don’t think the Signature Weapon enhancements make sense for a gun. It would be better to come up with some unique ones.

    Feeling Lucky Punk- A bit clunky, and even if it is random bypassing the volley roll and then dealing max damage is seems too strong to me. It doesn’t make sense either: how does finding some spare ammo jangling in the bottom of your bag make you the Terminator?

    Alignments–Considering the emphasis on Outstanding Warrants both in a starting and advanced move, I suggest you drop the Lawful option and make an Evil one instead. Also, I really dig the Chaotic one.

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