20 thoughts on “The cover (without the new logo) and some art from the Polish edition of Dungeon World.”

  1. Marshall Miller I could see a kickstarter for a deluxe version of the English rulebook that has art from all the versions to fill out the art more.

  2. Wow. Really cool style. Also, I think that a specific art style can do A LOT for a RpG system. This transmits a serious, gritty, epic tone.

    Take, for example, this picture from the italian version:


    This gives a totally different feeling, childish, toonish. I think that art can heavily condition the mood at the table, suggesting to GM and players a precise kind of fantasy.

  3. Now I kind of want a play aid with color prints of the different covers. Slap that sucker down on the table and ask the players to point to the tone they want to shoot for in the game!

  4. Andrea Parducci You’re absolutely correct! I’m leading the Polish project, and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what atmosphere we should transmit with our art. I find art from many editions of DW a bit too “goofy”, “toonesy” and bit childish. I’ve always turned to more dungeony-epic fantasy type of DW play, so to stood out from others i decided we will go more gritty-fantasy (but not too dark and grim) with ilustrations.

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