Hello community

Hello community

Hello community,

What are your thoughts on your ultimate GM/DM/MC tool kit? Do you use a binder, do you have less/more, do you use tables, do you only use what you post on your DM screen, minimalist, no screen, etc?

What do you actually bring to the table?

Is the GM’s kit a pipe dream? What I bring constantly changes and I enjoy getting all the fidgety bits and doodads, but I seem to be in a state of flux on what is my right mix. I’d love to hear what you bring to game.

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  1. Of course, the playbooks… I’ve become a fan of Flags over bonds (less disappointed with Alignment, but like the flexibility to change it), so I bought and printed these: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/212589/Minimal-Playbooks-Plus–Dungeon-World Thanks +Greg Soper My players seemed to like them well enough. It should be obvious, but for completeness, BLANK PAPER is important. I went with the “standard” way of starting out after the first dungeon, and we started with that area and keep/village in the center, and I think my players like filling in the blanks. I also have the GM sheet from +Dawit Thepchatree — Combat would be another good one to print out. They haven’t messed w/ hirelings yet, but may now that they’re in a city and have been able to sell some of their treasure. https://plus.google.com/+DawitThepchatree/posts/PBizbUohXDj

    Of course, I also have a notebook where I jot down ideas and notes. I just filled out the Fronts sheet from the official playbook, and don’t know how much use it was/will be — useful to organize thoughts, I guess. OH! And how could I forget? Dyson’s Cartographic Reviews (I bought the print versions) https://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/zerobarrier/2016-cartographic-review/ — Just last night, actually, I felt the town needed a map, and didn’t want to bog down play by actually drawing it (good thing, as the PCs decided to just flee when it was clear the orcs would be back, and their aim wouldn’t be to offer “peace”). Having a paper map handy meant I could just pencil in some details (like where the orcs were coming from, and where their inn was)

    Like +Brian Holland, I’m also on the lookout for name sheets (though the Minimal Playbooks Plus has a sheet that’s a good start +Yochai Gal beat me to it). I can also see myself having a few more tables on hand (especially once I buy/read Perilous Wilds). Codex and Plundergrounds have also given me some material I’ll want to print out if/when we get to it.

  2. I’m currently trying to create, not the ultimate, but the most portable GM kit. There are tons of good resources and tweaks, and it is hard to know what to include! So you are not alone.

  3. Andrew Huffaker Do you have another link to the Better Battles from Fistful of dice? The link is broken. (And I am working on something similar! A minimal DM companion reference thingy)

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