28 thoughts on “Who are your favorite DW or PBtA content providers/game designers?”

  1. Jason Lutes, Brian Holland, Logan Howard, Johnstone Metzger, Jeremy Strandberg…

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten some.

    EDIT: Melissa Fisher, David Guyll, Ray Otus Jeremy Friesen, Victor Julio Hurtado, Damian Jankowski Mark Tygart, +Joe Banner as well.

  2. My gaming group.

    (in true DW fashion, the best stuff happens at the table… but I have such a wide net of products that I’ve seen, I’m not sure if I have an actual publishing fav. )

  3. All in Yochai Gal’s list, plus I like Awful Good Games as well (David Guyll, Melissa Fisher) and Semi Dark Arts has some really cool playbooks (Damian Jankowski).

  4. If we are talking about content… my fellow players for sure. They are the ones who provided the really interesting fiction we use to play.

    If we are talking about rules and hacks… well, I really love the systems in Urban Shadows and Dungeon World.

  5. Awful Good Games by far, although SemiDarkArts comes in as close second, but i would also like to throw in Dwarfare Games, they’re slightly newer on the block but they have some good content

  6. How about don’t forget Mark Tygart and Marshall Miller (there are a ton of that name so I don’t know which to link). Dungeon Starters are a quick, easy way to get into a game of DW, and I’ve played MANY of them… I even keep 3 in my “DW Travel Kit” so I’ll never be left without something in a pinch!

  7. T. Franzke​ aww buddy!

    Yeah, Tim is always spot on on pbta stuff! I second all his recommendations and add Jacob Randolph for DW stuff, Gregor Vuga​ and J. Walton​!

  8. Jeremy Strandberg (rockstar), Jason Lutes, Jason Morningstar always come to mind, and of course our glorious leaders, Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. I’m also extremely impressed with John Harper’s execution of Blades in the Dark, if I can only find some time to play it. Really excited to read more of Brian Holland’s new Session Zero!

    Thanks to everyone for the shout-outs as well!

  9. Thanks for the shoutout! Joe Banner, Johnstone, and I just started a Blades in the Dark game on videochat, so it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes out of 3 veteran DW hackers hanging out and playing games over the summer.

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