Back with my ‘Time Mage’ idea, looking for feedback.

Back with my ‘Time Mage’ idea, looking for feedback.

Back with my ‘Time Mage’ idea, looking for feedback. Thanks to class warfare and other hacks online and my own ideas as well the feedback I got last time I posted here, I’ve come up with this so far. Also note that in the world I’m setting up for some friends this class would be a noble.

Move ideas.

1. On Borrowed Time

⦁ You have visited The Black Gate. You’ve returned, the reason(s) known only to you. You did not however come back empty handed. In your possession is what appears to be a simple pocket watch…you know it is much more than that. When you have some uninterrupted time and a safe place to examine your pocket watch, roll + INT. On a 10+ you hold 3 Moments In Time. On a 7-9 you hold 2 Moments and on a 6- you hold 1 moment. You may spend moments on the following, but remember nothing is free.

1. Move to a nearby location instantly.

2. Confuse a nearby foe by rewinding them a moment in time.

3. Reveal a danger lurking in the near future.

4. Complete mundane tasks rather briskly.

2. Tick-Tock

⦁ During battle, as you watch the action unfold and focus on the precise ticking of the pocket watch, roll+INT. On a 10+ you see the perfect shot and take it, +1d4 damage. On a 7-9, as a 10+ but something goes wrong. Choose one.

1. You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot.

2. You feel your connection to the pocket watch slipping, take -1 forward on INT rolls.

3. The pocket watch demands payment, take 1d4 damage.

3. Visions Through Time

⦁ If you study the pocket watch and lose yourself as you gaze in to its precise mechanisms. The GM will reveal the details of a grim portent to you-a bleak event that will come to pass without your intervention. They’ll tell you something useful about how you can interfere with the grim portent’s dark outcomes.

4. Old Blood

⦁ You are a member of a well respected noble family with a long lineage. Take +1 in any dealings with other nobles, government or military officials.

5. From the Black Gate Returned

⦁ You Bear a mark of your time in the realm of the dead. Choose a part of your body that takes on the visble aspects of death while remaining fully functional:

Arm: Any weapon you grasp flows into the other world. It gains +2 piercing against living creatures.

Eye: When you touch a corpse you see what it saw in its last moments.

Legs: Your passing leaves no mark or scent as a living person would.

Ear: You hear the whispers of the dead.

or Come up with your own ___.

Any feedback welcomed. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Back with my ‘Time Mage’ idea, looking for feedback.”

  1. I’d say make the watch’s payment variable. Instead of just taking 1d4, you can have the player opt for a debility or a lost item.

  2. The fifth one is rather overpowered, but I get the idea, I’d just make the descriptions more precise. Other than that, I feel like it’s great. It will take the campaign theme right into the lore of time and death though.

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