Hello fellow adventurers!

Hello fellow adventurers!

Hello fellow adventurers!

I have a question that you might help me answer. If a character aids or interferes another characters action, on a 6- the helper marks XP, right?

Now, if the aid was a success and the one taking an action with a +1 gets a total failure (6 or less). Do both characters mark XP or only the one rolling the dice?

This was a question made by a player on my table and I guessed that only the one rolling the dice with +1 would mark XP, but he seem to think otherwise. There is not much info on the web, so… what do you guys think about this?

Thanks on advance!

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  1. Whenever a player rolls a 6 or less on the dice, that player marks XP.

    So if player A rolls a 6- on an Aid or Interfere move, they mark XP. If Player A rolls a 7+ but Player B still rolls a 6- with the help, then Player B marks XP. Player A doesn’t get XP because their roll was not a 6-.

  2. On the other hand, the person aiding shares in any consequences (at least on a 7-9), and you get xp on a miss as a carrot for those consequences. So I could see both players getting xp; mechanics follow the fiction, and all that. Just so long as the assistant doesn’t double dip, I think it’d be cool.

    So I’d say just make a judgment call and stick with it. Whatever works for your table, so long as it’s consistent.

  3. Agree with both previous comments.

    I believe Chris is right in saying they would NOT both receive XP. According to the rules.

    But i also agree with James when he says there is a good argument to provide both with XP.

    Second the “Be Consistent”

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