One thought on “Tweaking and editing for Session Zero Issue 3 is 99% complete.”

  1. I WILL be going into layout tonight and should be finished this weekend. With the writing for SZ3 completely done and edited, I’ve started jotting down ideas for SZ4. Here’s the “Next Issue” blurb on the back of SZ3:

    The next issue will be loaded with NPCs as we take a look at The Island Prison, inspired by two of my favorite video games – Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Some things to look forward to are an NPC who uses fear as a weapon, A chaotic evil clown who just wants to see the world burn, a sorcerer who specializes in Ice Magic, a Druid femme fatale who uses the plants around you as her allies, and a Cowl of Disfiguring meant to disguise your appearance. Hidden away in a small cave on the island you may also find a Gnome Inventor tinkering away on some interesting gadgets…

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