Magic Items round 2!

Magic Items round 2!

Magic Items round 2!

Been thinking about a sword that is made of a “damascus” style sword made of layers of different metals folded into patterns, that was already of pretty good quality when it was introduced into the highly (magically) acidic environment that it has been residing in for about a thousand years. I’m looking to make it on par with That Sword that is not Excalibur in DW Core. Something like When you hack and slash with [the sword], on a 12+ you deal +1d6 damage without exposing yourself to the enemy’s attack, This attack may be treated as the more beneficial of an acid or poison attack. So the idea is that the sword has corroded some due to the environment. Maybe it can be corroded to the point of being a dagger instead?

So, what I ask of you, fellow tavern goers, is “What would you name a sword or dagger with the above properties?”

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  1. I considered something with Shard as well, my original idea was Vitriolic Shard, but I’m not sure people have as much appreciation for the word Vitriol as I do.

  2. Witherbite is a pretty badass name for it IMO. As just an idea for another approach, though, you could have the player who finds the sword discover its properties and ask them what to call it. Hell you could even determine the properties of the sword based on a player’s Spout Lore result combined with some preconceived notion of your own. A miss on Spout Lore could result in interesting times for the party. 🙂

  3. Looks like Witherbite’s a clear winner here. Or at least the clear winner among options that don’t involve campaign spoilers, or ruining the concept I have for the item.

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