Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

We have issues deciding scene about gambling of two PC characters. Basically they were playing card game. Scene was very anticlimactic because we could not come up with interesting moves to decide who is winning. Do you have any ideas for a general gambling move. I looking for a move that can be used for playing poker, dice, chess etc. Probably Wisdom would be the best attribute to use.

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  1. that sounds like a great time for meta skill. have the players deal a hand or roll the dice real world gambling style and maybe defy danger somewhere with a stat to determine the narrative result. games of chance dont need to be dramatic at the table, but could have excitement afterward or because of

  2. so maybe they are dealt a hand. roll 2d6+whatever. 6- and their bluff fails, regardless of their hand. 7-9 they bluff well, most fold but their nemesis doesnt fall for it. they play their hand. 10+ a bluff succeeds, they win the hand and the pot, BUT the nemesis may not be happy with losing…

  3. I realize other people use it differently, but for me Defy Danger is a “there should probably be a roll here, but I’m not sure what” move. Though there has to be at least the threat of danger.

    Was it only the two PCs gambling, or were NPCs involved in the game too?

  4. That was the issue. When Pc played against NPC we used Defy Danger with WIS roll. And we used it for PC vs PC game as well and we decided based on higher roll. I would prefer a move that is designed for gambling, perfectly to use against both PC and NPC, or at lease against PC

  5. When you roll the bones, play a hand or match wits against a worthy opponent, roll +Cha, +Int or +Dex:

    On a 10+, choose 2

    On a 7-9, you win, choose one and take the option tagged to your roll (you may choose another rolls option as your free pic)

    On a 6-, Choose 0 and do not take your roll option

    (Dex) They do not notice your cheating as you leave

    (Cha) Everyone has an enjoyable game regardless

    (Int) learn something interesting about your opponent

    Someone wagers something remarkable

    Everyone breaks about even

  6. I’d actually question why that scene is happening, and whether or not it needs to happen. A roll should only happen if it is of interest to the table and I’d say that “which PC earns 10GP” is a pretty boring question. Now if the PCs use gambling as an excuse/context for a discussion (e.g. scenes of James Bond in a casino) then it more worth a scene.

  7. PC vs PC.

    The starting player Roll + the difference between the two characters same stat. I.e. Character A has 3 WIS and Character B has 1 WIS. So Roll+2. Vis versa if Character B uses WIS, theyd Roll-2. So maybe theyd try to bluff instead using CHA.

    10+ gain 2 points

    7-9 gain 1 point

    First to 10 wins.

    Its bland, but you can spice it up with fiction.

    Playet vs player isn’t DW’s strongest point

    Id add to that and say you cant use the same stat twice in a row. Keep ot interesting.

  8. I liked Robert Doe’s answer, but I think it could lead to more variable games if victory is the lesser of a 2 point lead and 10 points just so the game doesn’t become some overdrawn thing much like a real poker match might.

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