I’m trying to come up with a support caster that is based on Time mechanics.

I’m trying to come up with a support caster that is based on Time mechanics.

I’m trying to come up with a support caster that is based on Time mechanics. took some ideas from Class Warfare and reworked them, and come up with some stuff myself.

Starting Move ideas…

1. Tick-Tock

You have visited The Black Gate. You’ve returned, the reason(s) known only to you. You did not however come back empty handed. In your possession is what appears to be a simple pocket watch…you know it is much more than that. When you spend exactly 1 hour of uninterrupted time examining the pocket watch Roll +INT

On a 10+ you steal 3 Moments In Time to be paid back later.

On a 7-9 you steal 2 Moments in Time to be paid back later.

On a 6- You steal 1 Moment in Time, but there are complications.

2. Event Horizon

You may spend one Moment in Time to instantly move within Near range. Make sure the space is clear of obstacles. Roll+INT

On a 10+ Works just as you thought it would.

On a 7-9 As a 10+ but there are complications.

3. Deja Vu

Choose a target you can see(near). You can spend one Moment in Time to place that target in the exact time and place they were a moment ago causing confusion momentarily. The next attack made on that target takes +1. Attempting to pull the dead back through the strands of time has proven to be inconclusive at best, catastrophic at worst.

4. 4. Visions Through Time

If you study the pocket watch and lose yourself as you gaze in to its precise mechanisms. The GM will reveal the details of a grim portent to you-a bleak event that will come to pass without your intervention. They’ll tell you something useful about how you can interfere with the grim portent’s dark outcomes.

I would love to here people’s ideas or any advice.

3 thoughts on “I’m trying to come up with a support caster that is based on Time mechanics.”

  1. This looks really cool!

    I like Tick Tock, but I’d propose a few modifications that mimic the verbiage used in “official” moves:

    Note: I’m not looking at Class Warfare, just what you’ve written.

    When you have some uninterrupted time and a safe place to examine your pocket watch, roll + INT. (“Exactly one hour” doesn’t really exist in Dungeon World).

    Then, rather than “you steal 3 Moments In Time to be paid back later” consider writing is as “hold 3 Moments” and leave off the “to be paid back later”. You can find a cool consequence later for NOT paying back all the Moments you’ve held. Now, of course, “you may spend Moments” in your other moves.

    Then, just to clean up Event Horizon a bit:

    You may spend a Moment to move into a clear space that is Near (or something like that).

    I don’t have time right now to look over the others, but it’s a really cool concept!

  2. I don’t think Event Horizon needs a roll (a teleportation or gate spell that could take you anywhere would I think, but this is a relatively minor effect). You could collapse these into a single move that lets you gain moments and then the effects of spending them are written as a list:

    1. Move to a nearby location instantly.

    2. Confuse a for by rewinding them a moment in time.

    3. Reveal a danger lurking in the future.

    You could also maybe spend a moment to speed up a task you are performing? Just like moving is supposed to be speeding yourself up, right? As long as it doesn’t affect other creatures. You clean a whole house, dig a massive ditch, repair a suit of plate mail, all in (what seems like to others) a mere moment. It would be super good for narrative effects.

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