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  1. It takes 108xp to hit level 10. A 4 player group will get /at most/ 6 xp from the end session move (3 for bonds + 3 for global move criteria). Probably less. Like 2-3. But at max, that means 18 sessions to get to 108, – whatever they get for failing rolls.

    I suppose in a roll heavy game, where people roll poorly, 12 would be about right. But I’ve had campaigns run much much longer than that. 24-30 even. It all depends on what you throw at them and how. And how badly they roll.

  2. Yes I find a lot of games basically wrap up at the 10-12 session mark. Apocalypse World was also designed that way and hearing comments from Adam so was DW

  3. I had that “problem” too. A solution was related to personal houserules: ie I don’t use 3-18 useless values, so I give my players HPs, Attributes bumps, and Advanced Moves in different, more frequent, more numerous “mini levels”. Also, their characters can go up the 10th level “limit”, getting special rewards at tot level (ie. a common lair, an handful of NPC companions, official titles etc.): you could follow the fiction, adapting those kind of rewards, or you can drop there one, and ask: “Ehi, so you have a secure lair in the city. How did you get that? Who gave it to you? Maybe you built it?” etc. Finally, you don’t break the game, if you give them a free move taken from a CC, something like a “prestige class” advancement. So, they have more moves to choose from, more opportunities and solutions for their adventures.

    You can find inspiration from CCs around the net, or inside Class Warfare.

  4. I’m up to episode 26 as of tonight. But that is misleading. I’ve been on a long hiatus while we played other games. The campaign has had two separate sets of characters since we got to a nice stopping point with the first group, who were around level 4-5.

    Right now, the current characters who spun off the original 3 are around 4-5 but the campaign has some legs and I could easily see it going another 10 eps before we get to another good conclusion point.

    Kicking around somewhere is a guideline for going beyond level 10. I have it on my flash drive (which is at home, of course). But I thought it worked pretty good and if I reach that with my characters and they still want to play their characters into the Legendary realm, I will be happy to trot that out.

  5. Based on my Obsidian Portal log, we ran 23 sessions before capping the campaign. We had intended to move on with new PCs in the changed world (the new campaign was to take place decades after the old one ended). At that time, two characters had made lvl 10, and were on their last adventure. Along the way, we had several characters die, so I imagine all the original group would have been lvl 10 by then.

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