So I came up with this move for my game.

So I came up with this move for my game.

So I came up with this move for my game. I am using Perilous Wilds and Perilous Deeps. I trigger this move when the players state a firm objective and/or I need to move the action along. Thoughts?


When you guide the party toward your objective in the dungeon, describe how you lead and, roll +relevant stat (see Defy Danger).

10+..Choose 2 from the list below and move towards your goal

7+….Choose 1 from the list below

6-…..Mark XP and the GM makes a move

– You encounter a Unique feature

– You make a Discovery

– As one above, but you do so safely, without encountering a Danger

– You encounter a Danger, but get the drop on it

Suggested GM Moves:

– You overcome an obstacle by expending some supplies (mark 1 Ration, 1 Bandage, or 1 Adventuring Gear, etc.) and describe what happened

– You hear a Danger drawing near

– You alert or leave a trace a Danger might find

– You get lost having ventured through a series of Common Areas, -1 forward to get back on track

– A Danger attacks from surprise

– A trap is triggered damaging and/or separating members of the party

3 thoughts on “So I came up with this move for my game.”

  1. I like the GM move suggestions, but usually moves don’t need those, as thing can be situational. In fact, you don’t need the 6- description either, as what you have written is the default rule for DW.

    The move itself is a great start. Maybe 2 & 3 need to be more differentiated since why would I ever choose 2 as a player? Also, is treasure an option here?

  2. Chris Shorb

    A lot of the moves in PW have GM suggested moves, which I like, so I included some. As always, just suggestions.

    You have a point regarding Unique Features vs. Discoveries, but I told my players that Discoveries are generally illuminating and Unique features may have built-in “dangerous” challenges. So far they have split about 50/50.

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