22 thoughts on “What would a DW 2nd edition need to update?”

  1. I’d like to see a reworking of Hirelings, maybe to make them a bit more like Followers in Perilous Wilds. I also like the other PW changes, and perhaps (on the playbook side of things) alternatives to Cleric/Wizard that use RP a bit more, and don’t rely on Vancian spellbooks quite as much. The Fighter could also do with a refresh, as well. Honestly most of the add-on rulesets from folks in this community could/should be incorporated, but maybe they don’t need to be, as people can already simply use them if they wish!

  2. More GM’s guide type stuff:

    – changing out principles and the like to change the mood of the game.

    – examples of custom moves for various classes, such as the druid’s shapeshift ability.

    – prebuilt starting characters for either examples or quick play.

    Improvements to some of the basic moves such as parley and discern realities so that they’re a) clearer when to use them or b) have more general applications.

    Better organization that teaches how to play as it goes rather than feeling mor like an info-dump.

    Note that none of those are really new-edition worthy, and lots of material (free or otherwise) really already provides that.

  3. As some have pointed out, really clean up and clarify rules. Give more explanations. Review the monsters and maybe make them more potent. Add monsters. Add flags. Maybe give ancestry (race) abilities as a long list and players can choose to add the race to any class. Add more races. Examples of play.

  4. +1 to adding Flags, this is a MUST. I’d even be OK with reworking/removing Bonds.

    I’d also like more info for how to start a game – either something like Perilous Wilds’ mapmaking starter or the Tight Dungeon World One Shot method.

  5. Playbooks should interact more strongly with steadings.

    Bonds very useful for starting games. Not so much after.

    Bolster could be very interesting, but in present form might as well not be there.

  6. Lester Ward can you unpack what you mean about playbooks interacting more with steadings? Curious what that would look like to you (and it’s relevant to my interests).

  7. Has Adam Koebel or Sage LaTorra ever expressed an interest in revising their game? Just curious if this is something that’s happening or just idle speculation.

  8. By playbook interactions with steadings, I mean I’d like to see playbooks be able to drive the story different ways in steadings, appropriate to the idiom of the playbook. At present, this is mostly things like giving most playbooks a move that triggers “when you enter a steading”. I suspect that a hypothetical DW2 could alter steadings in a way that could allow some additional expressive power along those lines.

    (One of the goals of my Fourth World hack was to provide such moves to playbooks, so if you search it for “steading”, you can see a bit of what I’m talking about. I did a slightly better job in version 1.4, but I haven’t released it yet and, in any case, I’m not sure I really met my goal even there. Version 1.3 is here: http://divnull.com/blog/2016/seed-fourth-world-revisited/)

  9. David Benson They seem to really have lost interest in DW, at least in publishing new content for it. I keep asking year after year when Inglorious is coming and it’s always 80% done. If their hearts aren’t in it that’s cool, there are others whose hearts are very much in pushing DW forward. DW came from Tony Dowler’s Apocalypse D&D, so there’s no reason why the next iteration has to come from Sage and Adam.

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