16 thoughts on “What if there was a RPG where the GM got to level up too?”

  1. Easy solution: create a nemesis character who advances as the players do, Pokemon rival style. At the beginning he’s just some schlub they offend. They’re nobody. He’s nobody. But they set off the spark that got him off his tuchas and wanting to make something of himself.

  2. Fellowship does this. The Overlord levels up alongside the players, making their opposition more dangerous and their quest more challenging as the game goes on.

  3. I mean more like certain moves that the DM can’t do until they are that far progressed. Not just PC’s. Basically like DM moves from DW, but the further along in progression, the harder they can get.

  4. Andrew Huffaker I was thinking this very thing the last couple days and thanks to Christoph Sapinsky I remember seeing it in Ryuutama. The GM there has abilities but until some criteria happen the doesn’t get their more advanced options.

  5. Check out John Harper​’s Agon, it has something like this, as does Gregor Hutton​’s 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars. Not quite levelling up, but an ‘opfor economy’.

  6. I don’t remember the issue, but Dragon Magazine (back in the AD&D days) had an article that outlined a Dungeon Master class. Had levels up to 20 (if I recall correctly) with names, experience levels etc. Though there were no “abilities” associated with each DM level, they did include an experience listing outlining how much DM experience was received for running different flavors of games (one-shots, campaign, etc.). It was meant as a comedic article, but was pretty complete.

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