10 thoughts on “How long does a typical combat take you to complete with 4 to 5 PC’s?”

  1. No I feel my fights are ok. I was just talking to a buddy who runs Pathfinder because I heard someone say they try to implement a rule of ’15’. A player should take a turn at most every 15 minutes. I accidentally laughed in his face.

    If I played in a 4 hour session and only played 1 combat scene wherein I only attacked a handful of times, I’d prolly never play again.

  2. When I ran DW last it was anything from under a minute (single PC vs. single inferior opponent) to about half an hour (very elaborate battle, 3 PCs vs. bunch of goblins, two of the PCs spent much of the fight hanging from the underside of a wooden bridge… good times).

  3. I did a battle with the PCs descending from their airship onto two undead pirate sailing ships, while said pirates were sending an amphibious assault against an island town. The entire harbor was in play and everything from magic to ballistas to swordplay was employed. It took under an hour. I did hand wave the hordes invading the town once both ships were subdued. The local populace rallied as the PCs took out the ships. It was a good, exciting brawl.

    I shudder to think how long that would have taken in Pathfinder.

  4. As long as I want it to! Seriously though, it usually falls on the fiction. You don’t want a dragon to die in a few rolls unless the party is being really clever or were prepared ahead of time. I think most of my combats have lasted less than 30 minutes though, minus interruptions or bathroom breaks.

  5. Its would seem that the average combat time is 30min. I too have a range of combat lengths, most of which are around 30min.

    My dnd4e combats on the other hand, those take an hour…..

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