Okay. I’ve only discovered DW recently, and having trouble getting my regular group on board, so I’m looking for a hangout/roll20 game. One-shots are fine for starters, but I’m interested in building up a regular game.

I’ve been gaming since… well, I think Billy Joel was on Dad’s hifi when I cracked open that blue box with the funny dice, so yeah, it’s been a while. I can run a character or GM, but like I said, brand new to DW. No experience at all with Roll20, but very interested in seeing that in action.

And oh yeah, I’m in Ireland, so the closer you are to GMT, the easier it will be to schedule.

So whadaya say? Who’s in?

4 thoughts on “Okay.”

  1. Wish I could join, but I’m in the States so the time probably wouldn’t work out.

    As for DW, it’s great and very easy to learn and GM. Welcome to the community.

    Roll20 is simple to use as well. I played a 5E campaign on there for about a year and always had a good experience with the system.

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