Has anyone built a better vampire?

Has anyone built a better vampire?

Has anyone built a better vampire? I think I might need one for my Plundergrounds zine and I’m not crazy about the one in the core book. Looking for a singular example, maybe nosferatu like. Credit extended in the book to anyone that brings the awesome. 🙂

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  1. Wow. No one? Okay. Uh … here’s a quick stab at it. But it would be better if weirder. This one is just a slightly more colorful/precise version of the book’s.

    Vampire: solitary, stealthy, changing form, ancient mind, allergic to sunlight and displays of true faith. Instinct: to feed on the choicest specimens of humanity. Moves: overpower someone with magnetism, feed without waking its prey, retreat to plan again. Supernatural bite (d8+5, 1 piercing, close, forceful), 10 HP, 2 Armor.

  2. Here goes…

    Master of Blood

    Solitary, Large, Intelligent, Terrifying

    Razor Sharp Claws (b[2d12] + 3 damage, + 1 piercing); 24HP; 0 armor;

    Close, Reach, Forceful, Near

    Instinct: Drain the essence of another

    Special Qualities: The Master of Blood is an unholy ancestor of the vampires from tales of old. They are driven to stay alive at any cost. Their sole purpose is to continue to fight the ravages of time through constant feeding and they do that by slaying their victims and absorbing their blood through the skin. A Master of Blood may appear as a man of any age, but upon absorbing blood will grotesquely transform into a more youthful countenance. While they generally attack at night, it is more as a means to remain unseen than any particular aversion to daytime (although, there is some speculation that its ability to revitalize may be hampered by direct sunlight).


    – Hit an artery

    – Soak in blood of foes and be revitalized

    – Unholy strength

    – Deflect a blow

  3. I think a Master of Blood would look like a normal person until they were covered in blood and it started to seep into their pores causing them to grotesquely transform into a more youthful and revitalized version of their previous self.

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