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  1. 📍 (while I find this thing probably useless… It’s quite simple to come with a monster related ingredient. The more complicated part is to create an interesting “crafting” system that could take advantage from all those ingredients).

    PS. And no, I don’t think DW should need a crafting system. You could work in the opposite way: do the heroes need to “build” something? They ask you for the requirements (a la wizard’s Ritual move), and you answer truthful.

  2. I own it, both the PDF (which I printed via Kinkos) and the ship-to-print one, which is TOTALLY worth it.

    It does have treasure for each beast. I was hoping for a spreadsheet of the monsters from the original DW book.

  3. Definitely Book of Beasts! Lampblack & Brimstone should make more of these! What can be more fun than a nicely illustrated book full of monsters? At the end of each entry is the “Treasure” section. Very cool.

  4. Thank you Dungeoneers for your help on this one (esp. Yochai, Brian, Logan). The Book of Beasts was the answer. I LOVE EVERYTHING LAMPBLACK DOES! I recommend all of it.

    The reason why it is useful to me is because it adds verisimilitude to the post combat flow when I say that ‘the battlefield yields a Snow Leopard’s pelt (300 g), the crunched armor and gear from the victims (50 g worth of metal), and a ever beating automaton heart (500 g)’, than to say a ‘here, you get 850 g’

  5. Discern Realities’ episode 40 mentions a compendium class called Monster Hunter. The podcast show notes don’t have a link and my casual iPhone google search didn’t find the playbook, but it sounds right up your alley!

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