Hey all.

Hey all.

Hey all. Here’s the first episode of my new Dungeon World AP! It’s part of the Comic Strip AP series, so it’s in short (15 minutes) punchy episodes with no fluff.

This is the story of Alford Soultaker, a criminal and monster hunter banished to a frozen penal colony for a mysterious crime. A cursed sword is involved…

Originally shared by Jason Cordova

I am pleased to announce the newest member of the Comic Strip AP family, Dungeon World: Alford Soultaker! This one is being produced by Oli Jeffery and Rob Bullen (with show notes helpfully provided by Michael G. Barford). This one is really strong from a narrative perspective. Oli & Rob’s RP is solid, and they have managed to tell a lot of story in a very short amount of time. I’m excited to hear where this one goes!