The newest issue of the Gauntlet’s zine, Codex, is now available!

The newest issue of the Gauntlet’s zine, Codex, is now available!

The newest issue of the Gauntlet’s zine, Codex, is now available! At 29 pages, Iron is the heftiest edition of Codex yet. Here’s what’s inside…

The Gates of Cold Iron Pass

This is an OSR-style adventure about the mountain pass home of an isolated clan of dwarves. I won’t include any spoilers here, but let’s just say something is growing in the darkness of Cold Iron Pass. This grim little romp was written by Kiel Chenier and includes illustrations by Nery Mejicano.

Wind on the Path

Potential strangers

Meet on their private journey

Blades open for death

Wind on the Path is a short form game about samurai duels. It’s designed to be played at conventions or other spaces where you might run into people who are also playing the game (for example, I’m going to organize some games on our Slack!). Winning duels increases the skill of your samurai, but also their notoriety, meaning valuable information is revealed to future opponents. The game was written by Jonathan Lavallee and features art by Randy M. The play sheets were designed by Oli Jeffery.

Four Dwarven Shrines

These dwarven shrines for Dungeon World were written with an eye toward turning the common dwarf tropes upside down (in one case, literally so!) or just playing around with the idea of what it means to be a fantasy dwarf. Each includes a custom move for the shrine, a magic item, and a cleric spell. The authors on this piece are Slade Stolar, Ray Otus, David Lafreniere, and Daniel Fowler. The art is by Allan Dotson.

Three dozen tempering trials

Our miscellany this month features trials and competitions meant to temper mind, body, and emotion. These are all highly evocative and imaginative, and many would make a great set piece in your game, or even a whole adventure!

This month’s beautiful cover features an illustration by Vandel J. Arden. Layout on the issue is by Oli Jeffery. David LaFreniere handled editing.

To get Codex – Iron, just make a $4 or higher pledge on our Patreon!

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