Looking for an experienced dungeon world player for an ongoing play by post campaign.

Looking for an experienced dungeon world player for an ongoing play by post campaign.

Looking for an experienced dungeon world player for an ongoing play by post campaign. We’ve been playing for about 6 months now. The Bard, Ranger, Wizard, Paladin and Barbarian playbooks are already taken by other player. We have a 72 hour posting schedule. If you’re interested and write well, reply with a short bio of character you’d like to play.

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  1. Hey Griffin! Never used Google+ before, or played-by-post, or actually been a player, but I’ve DM’d Dungeons & Dragons since I was a kid and I’ve DM’d Dungeon World for quite a while too. I think I have a darn good understanding of the game, and I also write science fiction and fantasy novels. I’d be interested in hearing about the setting, premise and characters you guys have already established, and if you guys take me on and we don’t mesh you can just kill me off to show how dangerous a new enemy is!

    I think I’d be interested in playing a Fighter, starting at Level 1. I have a few ideas, and which one I would choose- as well as details about his backstory- depends on the tone you guys have already established. I wanna respect that. I’ll outline 2 of my ideas and if you don’t like em but you’re willing to hear more, I’ve got them in the batter’s box.

    The first one is an extremely narcissistic, self-absorbed, larger than life adventurer who is really and truly only in it for the coin and loot. He fights anything that’s death might result in a large sum of coin for him, and he loves glory and attention. He’s basically never experienced failure, and won’t really know how to deal with it when he does. Oh, and he fights with his fists.

    The second is a noble and stoic warrior from a faraway land- think Ancient Greece. The ways of the standard western europe fantasy peoples are foreign to him- he was raised in a different world, forged in the fires of different battles, and educated in the philosophies of different teachers. His ways are esoteric, but the essence of his code of honor is fundamentally similar to the chivalry of knights. His signature weapon would be a spear, and he’d enjoy having a short sword at his side and a shield on his back.

    Let me know if any of that sounds workable. If not, no hard feelings, and happy adventuring!

  2. i’ve been looking for a play-by-post for a while, and was thinking about starting one up myself. i’m pretty experienced in Dungeon World and very experienced in roleplay. I could play an Immolator or a Cleric, depending on which one you think could fit into the current group better

  3. Rurgosh is a servant of Gnish, the trickster god. Rurgosh is not particularly happy about this situation. He had envisioned a stable, low-key life as a brewer or tavernkeeper, settled and happy. Like many who serve Gnish, he was tricked into the role. So now he’s away from the dwarf lands, not to create converts or spread love, but following a twisty path of devotion that often involves tricking others. Sometimes this brings them to some inspiration or enlightenment. Other times, they don’t like it so much.

    If I’m selected, Rurgosh could be created as a straight Cleric, or if Class Warfare is in play, I could build something that is part Cleric, part con artist. Thanks for the consideration!

  4. Mark Weis We’re in the process of starting a new game of you’re still interested. The concept is a group of travelers telling stories about the past and sitting around a campfire. Its going to be episodic with rotating gm’s. So far the Cleric, Ranger, Druid, Wizard and Slayer have been taken. If you’re interested, post a short character description and I’ll share it with the group and see what everyone thinks.

  5. Griffin Lambert I’ve got a couple of characters i could roll up, especially a Fighter (the Awful Good games one, although i have some prewritten base fighters i could use), or i could play a Paladin (the base one or the AG one, whichever you prefer) in the same church as the Cleric if that’s okay- although for that i’d need some further details on your cleric.

    Parzifal the Awful Good Fighter:

    Parzifal was brought up by very logical and strategic parents, both being in the town guard. His father was the Elite Strategist, while his mother was the captain. He was brought up with the expectation to follow in his parents’ footsteps- and follow them he did. He succeeded his mother as captain of the town guard, and single-handedly took down two of the worst mobs to ever plague the city.

    But alas, his triumph was not to last. Disaster struck, right at his very core. His parents were killed by rioters, who opposed many of the corrupt government officials. He did his best to bring those that committed the act to justice, but to no avail. He swore that it should never happen again- not to him, not to anyone.

    He put in place many strict laws, instilled a curfew, and increased the number of patrols. Eventually, this, too, was rioted against. He was thrown out of his position, and exiled from the city. He now acts as a self-imposed Protector of the Peace, monitoring the roads and paths outside of towns, keeping people safe from harm.

    He also hires himself out as a personal bodyguard, but longs to see his home again.

    Fisher, the Core Fighter

    The coastal town of Troia was well known as a fishing hot-spot. It is the only known place where the Jeweled Salmon exists, swimming through the streams of the river delta upon which the town is built. One fisherman was particularly good at catching them; he knew all of their breeding grounds and somehow could tell when each spot was full of fish. His son, named Fisher, was a brilliant boy in love with the ocean.

    On one of Fisher’s daily swims, he saw a glint of gold shining at the bottom of the riverbed. Taking a deep breath, he swum down to retrieve it, thinking maybe it was a Jeweled Salmon that had gotten lost from its school. Instead, his hand closed around a long, pole-like object. After clearing the muck and mud from it, he saw that it was an elaborately crafted trident, fashioned out of gold and with fancy, flowing designs etched into its surface. On one of the tines with etched the words “_Yur’Dunh_”, which he took to be the item’s name.

    He trained with it for years, using it as a fishing tool. When his country went to war with neighboring Aprast, he was drafted into the navy due to his youth spent amongst boats and ships. The ship he was on, the Kaniere, was sunk in battle and the entire crew was lost. He awoke on a beach in an unknown land, with Yur’Dunh by his side, even though he didn’t bring it with him to war. He now looks for information on where he is and how to get home.

    Thaddeus the Paladin or Templar

    Thaddeus was once a good and pious man, often commended for his loyalty and desire to protect those weaker than himself. He served the church of Solaris dutifully, rarely questioning orders, knowing that the wisdom lay not in the head of the church, whose son was his best friend, but from Solaris, god of the Sun and Restoration. It was only when those orders got several of his men and his best friend killed, and almost himself too, when he realized that Solaris had stopped speaking to those “acolytes” long ago.

    So, in order to reaffirm his faith, he meditated and prayed to Solaris. Sunset to sundown, he prayed. When the answer came, it was not from Solaris himself. Instead, it came from news of a break-in into the Grand Cathedral’s vaults. He knew then that the restoration preached about in the ancient texts of Solaris were not of the restoration of life. Instead, it was the restoration of truth and order. In his poring over the pages within the libraries at the Grand Cathedral, he saw mentioned a god of Justice, by the name of Haidar. He, curious, went to a service and learned what he could, but realized the error of his ways.

    He made a vow to only seek only the truth, forsaking his prior powers of healing of body and focusing instead on the healing of the soul- absolving the sins of those who confessed. He drew power from the Sun, not of light and warmth, but of a fiery resolve that became quite literal as he learned skills from the elders of the church.

    When he went out in search of the Sacred Scroll, he quickly found the merchant it was given to, and then found the thief who stole it from the merchant. Unfortunately, the boy’s parents would not reveal his location, so Thaddeus went to other sources of information. He knows not where this Marlow (the name of the thief, as he found out) was, but he swore to find him.

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