Hello. I have created a magical item and I’d like, if possible, to have some feedback on it, especially for what concerns balance. I wouldn’t want it to be overpowered and at the same time it should be fun to play. So… here it is. Any thoughts or comments are very welcome

Thank you!



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  1. Love this! Thoughts:

    I would ditch triple carry weight just because it is such a ho-hum option, and because Load is already a combination of raw weight and inconvenience — the armor can carry more, sure, but it still only has two hands and no pockets and there’s no backpack going over that thing’s shoulders. Instead of that option, I would replace it with something more like: “you can exert a truly staggering amount of force, holding up or tearing down walls, cave-ins, and Huge burdens, as long as you have the chance to brace yourself.”

    Again, that’s just me! I was able to immediately see all the other system options as interesting, and worth considering in a crisis (extra damage, a penalty, the potential for hardmoves based on ignorance of your surroundings), but the triple Load option fell flat. If I’m putting on the suit in an emergency, as per the move, this is a non-choice to me — I would always ditch it if I had to.

  2. Oh I like that idea!

    Well yeah, it could have storage on the back where it’s not shown, but whatever, that’s not the point… I put it there because… let’s just be candid, this is a Fallout power armour, they do come with extra carry weight. It’s a vestigial thought that got stuck in my brain. I’m all for cooler stuff. It would only have a dramatic effect if you’re packed like a mule, but yeah, that happens in Fallout, not so much in DW. Your point is well taken.

    Only possible doubt with your alternative… doesn’t that feel like it should be part of the damage bonus system? I mean, we’re talking raw aggressive strenght, right? How could I call it so that it makes sense that they are separated?

  3. On a second thought, scratch that, one is kinetick force, the other, as you describe it, is robustness of servomotors. Sorry, double post, I just answered my own question! That sounds like the fighter move bend bars, lift gates… unless it’s a bonus to defy danger: strenght and constitution… which did you have in mind?

  4. Not necessarily aggressive strength. Me holding up a cave-in is more about weight distribution across my back and arms and knees and maintaining a load-bearing stance, while me punching the bejeezus out of a dragon is more about putting as much of my weight and force as I can behind the minute surface area that is my fist. I was thinking of this specifically when I wrote the “as long as you have time to brace yourself” conditional in my example move above.

  5. Honestly, my thought wasn’t even to engage with the numbers, to just make it a move with fictional positioning: when you try to pick up something stupidly large, and you have solid footing, you do it.

    (As an aside, these are my favorite kinds of moves: the ones that just say something is new and different in the fiction, rather than making everything about numbers. It’s why I like the Sensory Feedback module so much on this armor. It’s not a number or anything, it’s just “hey, you can’t feel anything,” and that opens up so many interesting fictional possibilities. You misstep because you can’t tell the earth is less solid here, you fumble a weapon after a heavy blow because you don’t adjust to its weight, you take extra damage because you miss the archers peppering you from behind, and so on.)

    Back on topic of the move: with just a ‘you can carry big stuff’ move, you have no guarantee it will be quiet, that the GM won’t break it at some point, or that you’ll be able to put it back. This differentiates it from BB/LG significantly and lets both coexist, in their own way.

  6. You just said something interesting! A guarantee that it will be quiet… I sense “stealth systems”.

    I see your point and I find it very valid! Hmmm so much food for thought. I like your move, too.

  7. I am not really happy with your 7–9. Because people will generally choose between two ‘best’ options:

    1. having a fully operative armor but being caught off-guard (and that’s when this armor comes in useful, isn’t it)

    2. having a combat-ready armor (strength multiplier + gyroscope)

    Since attendants are rare specialists, players won’t sacrifice them easily. So this is nearly a non-choice.

    4th option is cool though a clear non-choice but in the rarest case where the group would be surprised by a weird and powerful ennemy.

    I agree with Alfred Rudzki about the load option.

  8. Mark Weis I did it. I downloaded the playbooks from the Dungeon World site, extrapolated which fonts were used, and did something similar to the format of the playbooks themselves (or at least tried to get close to them as best I could) and did the art.

    Bastien Wauthoz how would you suggest to fix the choice? Am I leaving too few choices? Or is it something else?

  9. *First off: I love it! *


    This Item seems to be overpowered.

    I would suggest a touch of the “dark side” to this item.

    Like an addictionor the loss of regular muscles depending on how long you use it.

    If you defy danger by using the power armor, spend 1 Willpower /Strengh /Agility. This point will regenerate in X-Days of rest.The more you use it, the more you get reliant of it….

    • Maybe a will of its own, like Spawns Warsuite. “It shows you things. Terrible things.”

    On a different note, imagine your group finds this item, they have to carry it along until they find some Soulstone AND someone who is willing to implant it – to make the item useful. This in itself makes the Armor a heavy burden till you get to the point of using it.

    It smells like sidequest to me.

    If the Fighter dies at some point, the party has to carry it again. This is a boring backlash – and it is a “one-time use per character” backlash.

    If you had to do it more often to “fuel” the Armor, it would become trivial and boring.

    I would recomend to loose the Soulstone and add a some other backlash – so you don’t have the sidequest and can use it instantly.

  10. OK, my take on the armour.

    First of all, I would make it costly to the character to have a mind jewel implanted. A choice between -1d4 on max hit point or a permanent debility sounds good to me. It could disappear when a gem is removed.

    Special move: Whan you have a mind jewel implanted, add this choice to Discern Realities:

    –The mind jewel reveals a useful information out of the armor’s past.

    The move would roll under 2d6+number of implanted mind gems (max. 4)

    On 10+, you activate 1 system + number of attendants (max. 2).

    On 7-9, you activate number of attendants (max. 2) systems.

    Whatever the result, you can always choose to sacrifice an attendant to don the armor and activate one more system.


    Strength multiplier: OK

    Servomotors: if inactive, opponents can always deal damage when you Hack & Slash

    Gyroscope: OK

    Sensory feedback: any item you catch, hold or bump into is irrevocably destroyed (Warrior’s Signature Weapon is unusable and badly damaged until repaired/reforged).

  11. I feel like the soulstone, and the quest potential, balance out the “overpowered” element of the armor. I feel like every good magic item in DW ought to have quest potential. Just my feelings! 🙂

  12. 1. The awkward tag might not be right. Armor typically uses clumsy. The Gyroscope power should remove this tag when it is activated (which means you don’t need to spell out the -1 ongoing).

    Certainly, when not being worn, it would be cumbersome to carry around, but the awkward tag generally refers to the item when in use.

    EDIT: on the other hand, Fighters would be able to ignore clumsy. Maybe it should have both, and gyroscope removes both of them.

    2. The solution above for servomotors seems right. If you also want to do something about carrying more stuff, you might add a power that activates an extra dimensional space the armor’s storage bin, which works like a bag of holding.

    3. A power for some kind of ranged energy attack.

    4. What happens when you don the armor in a non-dangerous situation. Do you get a vision? Do all the powers activate? I might just get rid of this move entirely as it gives the impression that you always make the move to don the armor. I’d replace it with a move that just says what happens when you don the armor (no roll, but you have to choose some subset of the powers, or maybe the number of powers you can activate depends on how many helpers you have or something).

    5. I like to follow Earthdawn’s “important magic artifacts get more powerful the more you learn about them” in every fantasy game I play. Could be, when you find the armor, only one power works. In play, if you discover some key information about the armor (who built it, where it was made, where the key ingredient was mined, etc.) you access more of the suit’s powers.

    6. Should also have the worn tag.

  13. Lester Ward I disagree with #3, although it would be awesome to find an attachment that does this through finding out more about it and going on a quest for the part. Arcane shoulder cannon anyone?

  14. Adilos compared to other magical items, what makes it overpowered? It’s a genuine question. I know 4 armour is huge, but I wanted to compensate it with the mind jewel draining the character’s willpower so that they have to get out of it and rest. I’d love a mechanic that simulates the drainage well. It could be taking damage or a debility but would that work better than just requiring you to rest and recover? I don’t like the idea of spending points from your stats. No such mechanic exists in the game and I think there’s a good reason for that.

    On the other hand, I really don’t want to lose the mind jewel. The side quest potential was my whole point.

    I like the idea of Bastien Wauthoz about the mind jewel influencing Discern Realities a lot! But not the multiple mind jewels idea. It breaks and overrides a basic move and I don’t like to fiddle with basic mechanics too much. Plus it would significantly change the basic idea of an armor plus one magic interface implant.

    I think the systems are fine now thanks to Alfred Rudzki whose ideas I chose to implement. I think it’s implicit in the initial description of the sensory feedback that anything you hold would easily get damaged if not broken when you do not feel the armor’s hands’ pressure on the object and have to rely on your eyesight alone.

    Lester Ward great call on tags. I meant clumsy, not awkward. My bad. Also added worn tag. Not keen on the energy weapons. I think that would imply their existance and that’s a bit too much setting for one item. But your point on the armour donning is spot on. Yeah, if you don the armour in all the calm, you get all the choices. Which means minus the insight, because that now should come with the mind jewel influencing Discern Realities.

    Hmmm… sounds and feels like it’s time for a reupload of the main file… Should I just change it and log its version here or do a new thread? I think the former is better… I wouldn’t want to crowd the community’s section with reiterations of the same magic item so… from this point on, the current document includes amendments suggested by you kind people.

    Any comments on the new versions are, of course, greatly appreciated and thank you so much for helping me getting this far with your very kind, fast and helpful suggestions!

  15. Tazio Bettin I like this a lot. My suggestion on the willpower issue is when they dawn it, give them 3 willpower on a 10+, 2 on a 7-9, maybe 1 on a 6-. Anytime they roll 6- while in the suit, they lose a willpower. Or you could make it when they use an active system, like to reroll their damage or lift something heavier than they could normally. This willpower lasts even when they exit the armor and once they run out, they take -1 ongoing while in the suit and cannot gain willpower until they rest for at least an hour (focusing on clearing their mind and such, resetting their willpower to zero but allowing them to gain new willpower when they don the armor, similar to a wizard preparing spells). Note: They don’t lose willpower while out of the suit. Also if they don it without danger they obviously gain the full 3 willpower.

    I would also make the weight in load. A suit of plate weighs 4. I assume there is at least that much mass in the torso of the power armor alone. So going off that, I’d say a good measure would be:

    Torso: 6 load

    Leg: 3 load (each)

    Arm: 2 load (each)

    Helm: 1 load

    That’s 12 load, which is heavy enough that most classes can’t move it on their own. It also lets the players know how much the individual pieces weigh if they have to pack it up instead of wearing it.

  16. Scott Selvidge thank you but I don’t feel the need for any such complications that only add rules and no fiction, to be honest. I hope this doesn’t sound blunt.

  17. Hi, fairly new to the game, been lurking here for a few weeks now. I like this concept a lot, and I really love how you’ve presented it in your PDF.

    As an item, though, it falls flat for me. It seems too much trouble.

    I feel like I could very easily adapt this concept to a compendium class, or even make a standard class out of this. As a compendium class, you’ve got the quest condition. As a class, the character could start with a soulstone, and I like the idea of having more than one which would give you some sort of active systems bonus.

    You can go through all the mecha/power armor tropes out there, and come up with a lot of different moves (imagine: “More Than Meets the Eye”, “Justice Rains From Above!”, “When All Are One” (to simulate combiners, like Voltron/Devastator), “Three Stories Tall”, etc.), and I think you could still keep it in the fantasy genre.

    You could have moves that add the ability to add/activate new systems, and then moves that build on those systems. For example, “More Than Meets the Eye” as an advanced move, and level 6-10 move with a name like “Triple Changer” or something, which could either be a hybrid form or a completely separate form (player’s choice).

    But overall I find the idea of magical power armor very interesting, I just think it would be more fun as a class in the long term.

    Thanks for posting, and for letting me share my thoughts. 🙂

  18. Hi there again.

    Sorry for answering super late.

    This is your creation and its super sweet. The “overpowered” label comes up quickly but in this case i think you could tinker just a little bit more negative aspects in. It is super awesome for fighting – but it is super heavy and a regular building structur does not support such a heavy burden.

    In my humble opinion – it needs more backlash for the user. The quest and load burden is backlash for the party. The rest time is burden for the party.

    As i said – you did great there.

    I really dislike the sidequest. Also i would lay a curse on that thing, make it addictive and stat draining. If you don’t really use your muscles, the shrink. It contains the souls of its former owners and it will contain your soul one time too. Sometimes you displease the souls within and it wont work properly. The souls work against you – haunt you in your dreams.

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