Hey guys just to inform everyone:

Hey guys just to inform everyone:

Hey guys just to inform everyone:

I recently posted another Dungeon World Adaption of Goblin Gully on my site and on the Tavern.

However, I happened to read Dyson’s text which indicate to my knowledge a change of policy on the issue of his copyright rights.

To quote:

“Just to be clear about these adventures – they are the Copyright of Dyson Logos.

While I encourage you to take my maps and use them for your non-commercial uses including posting them to your blogs, my adventures are 100% under my copyright. So if you want to modify or reformat one of my adventures for your own use, that’s totally cool, but they cannot be republished in this edited / reformatted format.

In other words: If you want a version of one of my adventures in PocketMod format, or re-statted for use with GURPS Magic or another system, go ahead and do it but do NOT post it to the internet, to your blog, or wherever else.

If you have a book where my adventures have material released under the terms of the OGL, you will note that the adventure title remains Product Identity, as do the maps. So if you want to use the OGL to republish my adventures, then be sure to include a new map and title.”

Therefore I am deleting all copies of my adaptions of Goblin Gully from my blog, the Tavern, etc. If you have a copy feel free to use privately but PLEASE do not post on the internet. Thanks.