11 thoughts on “First shot a GMing anything.”

  1. Slightly off topic, but I recently played Vincent Baker’s two player game Murderous Ghosts and had a lot of fun with it (creepy, but fun.) So one good option is to play a different game for the session that is designed for two players.

  2. Speaking more directly to Dungeon World, I think you definitely can play a game with 1 PC, though I don’t think it will work nearly as well, as a lot of the GM moves and bonds encourage playing PCs off each-other. I also don’t recommend doing a 1 PC world-building session, since building the world together in the first session is half the fun of Dungeon World. You can certainly talk about general ideas, but don’t rob your future players of the chance to help build the initial world.

  3. I’d say you can do this, but you’re going to be missing out on a great deal of what makes DW great – party interplay and the players working to come up with the world and so on.

    Personally, I’d sit down and do some map drawing (figuratively) with the player, come up with some cool ideas for the world but, importantly, leave blanks for other players. Like I said I think you certainly can play DW as a two person system but I dont think it’s best played that way.

  4. DW works fantastically well with 2 people. I’ve run it as-is and with the Perilous Wilds and both things make for a great 2 player game. Check out Discern Realities for an actual play with 1 GM and 1 PC.

    Works best in short doses, my wife and I usually play for an hour and a half or less.

    Definitely do the world building thing and just let them run with it (draw maps, leave blanks, ask questions, use the answers, etc.) That way they’re playing exactly the world they envision in their head. We’re doing a gothic horror type setting which has been great fun.

  5. Thanks for the input. I’ll go ahead with what I consider prepping for a game and give my buddy the option to play or hold for at least another player. He actually my GM so should work out either way.

  6. Thanks again for the in put and feel free to share any tips for a first timer

    Postpone this Friday’s game. We have a tentative 3 for next Friday. So long as they don’t mind a late start.

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