9 thoughts on “Any timeline for a print-to-order version of Perilous Wilds?”

  1. That is great news – really looking forward to using it with my group (I know I can get the PDF version, but print-outs work way better)!

  2. Jasen Johns, it’s exactly the same, nothing new. PoD is just a way to bring the book back into print. Some Perilous Wilds stuff is being revised for the 2nd edition of Freebooters on the Frontier, which will be a self-contained game.

  3. I’ve been running FotF as well as The Black Hack with Perilous Wilds at our monthly Intown Atlanta RPG Day. New and old gamers alike love’em. I describe FotF and TBH as all of the flavor of 1e or the red box basic set, but even better.

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