Tempest Staff

Tempest Staff

Tempest Staff

When wizard wields the Tempest Staff with skill

To bind a living creature in your sight,

You may succeed, and bind it to your will

Or else will fail and meet a grievous plight.

Add 2d6 to your INT as your score

And if the score exceeds or equals seven

Then creature fell will hesitate before

Attacking you or any of your brethren

And if your score exceeds or equals ten,

A gift will living creature then bestow

Its special move will be within your ken

To use one time against another foe.

But if a six or less, you do receive

Then all stored moves within the staff must leave.

Rather than add a clarifying stanza, I will keep this one a sonnet and clarify in prose.

Roll INT+2d6

A 7+ will prevent a creature from attacking you or your party until your next move. You can choose to do nothing, and keep this creature at bay as long as you are conscious.

A 10+ will steal a special move from the creature, chosen by the DM. You may use this special move one time, but using it returns it to the creature.

The wielder can return the move to the creature at any time without using it.

The staff will hold one special move for each bonus point to the wielder’s INT. If it is transferred to someone with a lower INT, special moves are removed until the previous statement is true.

If the wielder rolls 6 or less, then all stored moves are removed from the staff.