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Moon-Bronze Armour

Baroque, inlaid plate and chain armor made of elven Moon-Bronze. Delicate, swirling designs cover the plates surface.

When you wear this armor under the light of the moon and it is pierced, choose to roll + nothing. *10+ The damage is absorbed by the armor. *7-9 Choose one below. *6- Take damage as normal.

– The armor absorbs all the damage. Lose 1 armor.

– You take damage as normal, but the armor shines with moonlight causing terror to any of your enemies that can see you. Describe what they do. Lose 1 armor.

– You take the damage as normal. Lose 1 armor. The armor shines with scintillating moonlight and you become translucent and Insubstantial for the duration. Only magic can hurt you. You may hurt others. While in this state you can be seen by Insubstantial creatures of other, higher realms…

When all armor is lost, the Moon-Bronze Armour dissipates forever in glimmering moonlight.

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