Goatkin compendium class

Goatkin compendium class

Goatkin compendium class

My Dungeon World group has been traversing the Three Faces of Penny Lantern’s Perilous Almanacs. In our game, the Goatkin elder was replaced by a diabolical witch known as the Mother, who is tied into the fiction generated by the players. She lived in the desecrated monastery, raising her goatkin children, biding their time until the planets collide when they would sweep down into the valleys and slake their thirst for chaos.

Thing is, the Bard made a pact with the Mother, and he grew horns. When the Mother was killed in an ensuing battle, the Bard’s player asked to reach further into the transformation and began chanting the incantation the Mother marked him with.

So, my idea of the compendium class is that it combines three ideas: The satyr-like lust for wine and revelry, the Billy Goats Gruff idea of being tough against trolls, and the diabolical spirit of the Baphomet. I’m thinking of adding two moves for each aspect.

Game night is tonight, and I’m working on it now. Feel free to comment, suggest moves, or heap your scorn upon it:


Thanks in advance for any ideas or feedback! I’ll try to post another comment when I’m wrapping it up.

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